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Telltale at the gamescom, Cologne

posted by Laserschwert on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
So, it looks like Telltale will have a booth...

... who of Telltale's crew will be there?
... who from the forums?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Good thing I still see this - I was almost on my way. To avoid any confusion:
    I'll be at the restaurant at 8 PM.

    Nothing against Mark & Alan being a bit sweaty (coming directly from the gamescom without a shower at the hotel), but that is seriously up to you guys. :D

    Also, I've just received a request from a friend of mine. She wants Majus to sign one of his flash movies for her.

    That's going to be a major problem. :D

    /edit: slim guy, small glasses, no beard, somewhat dark blonde, brown Jack Wolfskin t-shirt, bluejeans, black shoulder bag with small blue triangle. That's me. I'd probably recognize Alan, Mermaid and even Lampshade, but most of all Majus without a doubt.
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    ...yep, we need to get back to the hotel first, not just to freshen up, but all the goodies we have for you are there!!

    At this pont Im thihnking you should all head over and we will meet you there.
  • I think that would be the best.

    I'll PM you some directions and my mobile number, just in case.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    All right, we'll be expecting you and your heavy bags of goodies eagerly!
  • Guys I think I'm going to be sitting this one out. I picked up a slight case of food poisoning (not sure from what) and am not really feeling 100 percent in terms of heading out anywhere.

    Mark will be taking the BTTF/The Walking Dead mini posters with him, rest assured.

    Super bummed I won't get to meet you guys...unless you feel like coming to the hotel and hanging in the lounge or something after dinner! The invite is open.
  • Aw, hope you feel better soon. And as for those going: Take lots of pictures. Pictures are cool.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I'm back, just came home from the midnight train. ;)

    A real shame that you couldn't make it, Alan!!! Maybe next time, *sigh*.
    We will have to talk about that super-secret moderator project sometime soon nonetheless. :D :D

    Friar, you're in luck... mermaid was very quick with her camera... she might have things for show & tell.
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    Hey guys!
    *Whew* Im back home, and it's really the first time Ive had a moment to breathe since I left for Germany!

    Just wanted to say that it was super awesome meeting up with you guys! Thanks for helping me navigate the German menu and picking out the better German beer!

    Extra special thanks to Majus, Mermaid and Laserschwartzenegger for letting me hand out afterward and playing a bit of Monkey Island on the huge projector screen! It was truly a night I wont soon forget!

    Ah, good times, good times.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Next year, I desperately want to be at that after-party-party as well.
  • It seems, I missed something. Should not have left so early, but I had a meeting that evening. :(
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