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  • Very nice. Excellent quality. Perfect vibe. Hopefully they get to finish it without being C&D'd.
  • Like it was last time. XD


    I have to admit the demo is confusing. I can't believe I didn't see this yet, it's already a year old.
  • Bah,I love it already but some of the dialog is a little off. But I don't care, it's playable and enjoyable..Damn pixel hunting is bad though...
  • That demo wasn't good at all! The dialogue was poorly translated, the puzzle was over a freaking washing line and I was left baffled and irritated by the whole experience. A sodding washing line!

    Graphics were nice though.
  • Darth Marsden;536863 said:
    That demo wasn't good at all! The dialogue was poorly translated, the puzzle was over a freaking washing line and I was left baffled and irritated by the whole experience. A sodding washing line!

    Graphics were nice though.
    I enjoyed it. Honestly , a adventure game with spirit. Some of the puzzles in adventure games are silly. That's fine, I felt it was frustrating in parts because of the small pixel hunting. And some of the dialog was a little shoddy but not speaking from a super natural experience, take it or leave it in my reality experience, I personally take it and make the best of it.

    It's a good demo in my opinion, but flawed, but it's balanced out as something I love and the game should be made. It's fan made, it's not going to be perfect. I admit laundry isn't that excited, but neither is looking for a book in the last crusade game and a few puzzles in Fate of Atlantis as well.

    I think it's well enough, and they put so much time into it, it's bound to be a over all considerate , conscious effort. What more should we expect from a fan project team? At the most we can hope that it's finished and take it for what it is, and isn't as a finished result. The best intentions are there and hey, the way I see it is constructive criticisms or stating your negative feed back and moving on if you can't get past it.

    I respect you didn't like it, I liked it, I like that, I feel balanced. :)
  • It's not that laundry isn't exciting, it's that this is the only puzzle in the demo. That's supposed to get people interested in the game? Yeah, not the smartest move there. The rest of the game may be better, but this is probably what I'll remember.

    On the positive though, the graphics / backgrounds were nice, and I definitely approve of the people walking past in the initial screen.. Made the world feel alive, which was nice. And... well, that's about it really. It's a short demo, so it's hard to judge.

    Like I say, the full game (if it's ever finished) may be great, but this one puzzle did not leave me with a good impression. Still, best of luck to them. We need more Indy games.
  • Haha, oh man, I miss ol' Indy. This game looks great! Can't wait to play it!
  • I love the graphics too, I personally think their Indiana Jones sprite is better than the Lucas Arts one. Which is pretty impressive.

    I think there will be good puzzles as well as bad, XD, I hate to go all pseudo on you , but I'm anticipating a balance between high and low points of the game. But over all I think it has a fairly high balance. Probably will end up being a 80 out of 100 a 8 out of 10 type game.

    I'd put money on a 7 out of 10 at the lowest, but most likely a 8. But to some people it will easily be a 10 I bet. I'm anticipating the user average 7 at the lowest, 8 most probable. But I'm not THAT psychic. I'm just deducing through my own lens.
  • Little early to be thinking of review scores, aintcha? :p
  • Well I'm trying to learn to think in balance which if you would may provide insights into certain statistical facts, or records. Games like this generally seem to fall within that range.

    I could guess the rating of many finished games. I know this is only a demo, but at its current quality , even if for boring puzzles I can't see this game getting any lower than a 7, I'm expecting it to get a 8 out of 10. Maybe a 7.5. XD


    BUT, for the sake I could be wrong, of course I leave that up in balance. For all I know they will include voice acting, it will be horrible, dropping it down to a 7 or 6.5.


    Some of it is just blind faith, feelings which is balanced only as a personal feeling up against video games as they've been rated.

    The only game that I was shocked by the rating was Duke Nuke Forever, that didn't seem very balanced , something was horribly wrong there. I don't know what happened with that game. I would expect a 6.5 or 7 at the lowest for DNF...

    I know the world thinks you need math for everything but I truly believe balance can be a bit intuitive.
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