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  • Classic edition? what does this download actually include?
  • Alive and well? It's fairly recent, actually. It's a quite a few months old but it's never actually been around before that and never had a C&D.
  • For those who don't know, this is an attempt to 'demake' Curse of Monkey Island - that is, remake it in the graphical style of the first two games, lo-res and all. I'd argue that Escape needed this far, far more than Curse, but it's their project, they can do what they want with it.

    I tried the Beta download on the site. It's not bad at all! A few minor typos, and the odd thing of not being able to select Use from the command bank if you want to use inventory items. You have to just click on the item itself. So when you combine the ramrod with the hook, you can't click Use, Ramrod and Hook, you just click the Ramrod then Hook. It's a little weird.

    Also, Murray never appears once you blow up the ships, so I guess that's the end of the Beta!
    EDIT: No it's not. It's a bug. Don't pick up the ramrod or hook before using the cannon, since if you do, Murray won't appear once you blow up the boats.

    It seems technically sound and it certainly seems like something I'll play if they finish it. Good luck to 'em!

    EDIT: Thanks to the mod who deleted my double post.
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    Unfortunately, projects like this cease to exist pretty quickly - and even more so if the first thing they do is "release a demo".
  • He's been releasing demos for a while. Nothing yet.
  • I would have liked to see Elaine and Lechuck in the intro or cannonball scenes.

    And I know game 1 and 2 didn't have voices, but maybe it could have worked with the third game. Most people accept Guybrush's voice as Guybrush.

    But , I understand, after all it's not a special edition or anything...

    Still I might prefer voices. It's been around for a while in classic adventure games.
  • If you're doing a game in the style of MI 1 + 2, then you don't have voices. It wouldn't seem... well, it just wouldn't fit, really. Besides, voices would bump up the filesize of the game immensely.

    Also, the two choices they'd have would be to use the original voice files (which would be illegal) or record new ones (which wouldn't be very good). I think I'd take the third option and have none as well.
  • Maybe you have a point there, the way people copyright everything, even if it's not for profit. I can't say it's really right, or wrong. But, I see your point of view rather clearly through my own lens.

    Personally, I just prefer games with voices, I grew up with mostly audio adventure games. But been on a computer since 87, and that was when I was born. XD

    Anyways, each to their own, sort of dry to me, personally, but I respect, appreciate that it's a classical thing which the game was actually inspired.
  • Wtf no Murray and no sword to complete the chapter? Was the original demo like that?
  • tbm1986;536940 said:
    Wtf no Murray and no sword to complete the chapter? Was the original demo like that?
    Use the cannon first, THEN pick up the ramrod and hook. It's a glitch.
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