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  • Thank you! I'm glad you (and so many others on the forum) are enjoying the episode so much. It's one of my favorites, too.
  • I'm far from finishing the game (I think, at least) but so far I'm greatly enjoying this episode as well! It seems that with every new episode all aspects of the game improve a little, including the puzzles, the writing, the characters, the voicing, the animation and even the game engine.

    The only areas that could use some improvements are in the graphics/animation department; the lack of lip-synching makes dialogs less engaging than they could be, and many of the models and locations could be a bit more detailed and dynamic. For example, there is a queue in front of the Zombie Factory suggesting the place will be crowded, but once you get inside there are only two raving zombies inside! I think there is a joke about fire regulations that tries to explain it, but nevertheless it detracts somewhat from the atmosphere since the place feels mostly empty.

    But these are minor things, and in general my experience is pretty positive. Kudos to the Telltale team!
  • there are zombies all through the club... one is up on the balcony, one is wandering around behind the DJ table... and there is another passed out on one of the couches
  • This was indeed the best episode until now. The beginning with a flashback was a great idea and reminded me of the original "Hit the road"-Adventure.

    PS: I want a tool to translate normal Text to Zombie language. Like the Kenny Translator.
  • As long as I can remember, there were no flashbacks in HTR:confused:
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Guybrush_Threepwood;53692 said:
    As long as I can remember, there were no flashbacks in HTR:confused:
    I think he's referring to opening with a sort of James Bond-esque life or death stinger situation.
  • "Sam and Max Meet a Guy Who Sucks".

    THAT should be the name of the next episode.
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