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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    That's the (alternate) name of this episode!
  • i thought thats what the episode was based on ;)
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    whatever. It's based on it yes. A classic tale.
  • However, a few unpolished moments caught my eye, I'm afraid...Max's statements to Abe statue had some rather distorted vertices around his mouth...which was really quite disturbing.
    Oh good, I'm not the only one then. At least the writing was still brilliant.
  • I have to second the opinion of this episode being the best yet. I am notorious for complaining about how much Telltale hasn't gotten into the mind of Steve Purcell yet and how they don't get him, but I am super-happy to say you guys are doing IT!
    It's got the atmosphere, the design, the characters! Even Max has turned more deadpan rather than just snotty punchlinening. Bravo! *claps like a seal* Bravo!
  • By the way, the thing with the bulb, is that a referrence to HTR?
  • Kedri;53732 said:
    Also, two spelling errors. An "action" where there should have been "auction", and a "!." where there should have been a "!"

    I noticed the latter, not the former. I shook my head in disgust. ;)
  • mish;53747 said:
    By the way, the thing with the bulb, is that a referrence to HTR?
    at least there is a bulb in htr..

    anyway, in another thread nick told me i would like 203...damn and he was right. okay, you always have a good start with zombies, but the rest is great as well. i haven't finished playing it yet and already think it's one of the best episodes.

    btw, on of my cousins is called jürgen..
  • I totally loved the episode, i mean totally. It is so awesome, like awesome.
    See it already melted my brain.

    It was great throughout. Keep it up !

    I can see a pattern here...
    Easter Island
    Vampires n stuff
    hmm mysteries... what s next ? Bermuda triangle ? Pyramids as alien landing platforms ? :)
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