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Jurassic Park: The Game - Deluxe Edition suggestions

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Hello!! :D

First of all, sorry for my English, but I'm italian!

The sense of this discussion is to give to TellTale Games some ideas about the content of a possible future Deluxe Edition of the game! (and I take this opportunity to congratulate for Deluxe Edition of Back to the Future: The Game - wonderful!). For example, this is my list of the stuffs that I'd like to see in It:

- DVD (with all episodes, of course and some extra such as videos, Behind the Scenes /Making of, team commentaries, trailers, art gallery)

- Dinopedia, little book with images and characteristics of dinosaurs in the game, OR the same subject but printed on collectible cards (like the Voodo Cards of Tales of Monkey Island)

- Poster with a map of Isla Sorna/Isla Nublar (double side) and consequently a Jurassic Park map

- A pin with JP logo

That's all! Which are your ideas?? :)
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