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Episode 203 - Night of the Raving Dead

posted by Sh1ThaPP3nS on - last edited - Viewed by 972 users
I'm completely stuck I have absolutly no clue what to do next, atm I have stopped Flint, ressurected Frankenstein and now I'm stuck, Max keeps going on and on about Midnight Cowboys yet I cannot drive there anymore also the Count keeps talking in the disco hall yet is no where to be seen. I need help I need help badly. Everything is hinting me to go to the Midnight Cowboy set yet I can't go there and its driving me nuts.
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    Will BANNED
    Egad, I think you have hit a bug somewhow, but I'm not sure what or where. Would you mind sending us a save game so we can try and figure out what went wrong?
  • I ran into the same thing, and I have a floating bottle in front of zombie Lincoln.
  • The same with me, I also have a floating liquer bottle infront of abe in the disco hall. But ye ill find a save game and post it here.

    Uhm just checked my Season Two file under the episode name and can't find a single save game, yet I'm able to access them ingame that's odd to me.
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    Will BANNED
    Hmm, unless you changed where your game is stored, your save files should be in C:\Program Files\Telltale Games\Sam and Max - Season Two\Episode 203 - Night of the Raving Dead. They should just be in that top level right next to your SamMax203.exe. They should say something similar to 02-15-08

    Anthony I'll pass yours along.
  • I'm gonna uninstall the game and install it again, to see if anything changes.

    The minute I changed the .exe file to run as administrator, and saved a game it finially popped up so now im playing through to the exact spot I was will post saved games and info once I'm there.
  • Well its seems that reinstalling it and putting it on "Run as Administrator" did the trick its all good now.
  • yeah I have a bug similar max kept going that he wanted to go to scuttgart even though we were already there and the vampire could be heard on the dance floor even though he his meant to be asleep
  • Thank you for this episode! My favorite. I´ve pre-ordered TOMI and I downloaded it for free. The one and only of Season 2, yet.
    Couldn´t wait for it come out in Germany! The DVD. And I MUST have this one.

    [Off-Topic]I think it´s funny if Americans try to speak German. And if we Germans try to speak Englisch. Funny that mix. Like the Nazis in Indy 4. :D

    And who did this music?? The disco music in Stuttgart is so great! Thank you for this! :)

    Btw I live near Stuttgart.
    And I hope for another episode like this? :)

    Edit: Oops wrong forum. Could you please move it?
  • All the music in the Sam and Max games was done by Jared Emerson-Johnson. If you like it so much, consider buying the Soundtrack CDs available in the store! :)
  • I must look. At this moment I start the game and let the music play. :)
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