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Sam & Max: Complete Collection-DVD issues (de novo)

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Ahoi there!

I can't get the free Sam & Max-DVDs, because my complete collection-#ordering number is "invalid".

Anyhoo, I remembered a thread about problems with ordering the Sam & Max-DVDs for free, when the episodes were purchased in the big fat complete edition (seasons 1, 3 and 3). Something about fixing and personal assistance until the problem is solved and so on. But I can't find it in the forums and now I feel like I'm going to miss the Back to the Future Special Deluxe Edition too, because I hesitate to place my order. Boohoowah. :(

See, I wanted to order all the free upgrades to DVD in a neat little package, maybe ordering some OSTs and stuff and so on. Seems like I missed Tales of Monkey Island's "Steve Purcell slipcase" already. I guess so because a click on the $0.00-Button brings up the general store page.

So, please pretty please with sugar on top, will somebody help me here an put all the free Sam & Max stuff in my cart and if by any chance there's a forgotten ToMI-Limited, dusty and scratched placed under a table to prevent wobbling …? No? Thought so. ;)

Thanks anyway,

Wrong forums? Oboy, sorry dudes and dudettes.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    I believe that the thread you are talking about is here.

    Here's what the first (and most important) post says:
    bonnie;314417 said:
    I've heard from quite a few of you wondering how one gets their season discs with the purchase of this S&M bundle.

    To answer the first question of, "are we eligible for the end of season collectible discs if we buy the S&M bundle?" Yes!

    Unfortunately, our systems have a hard time recognizing the purchase of a season with bundle purchases like this S&M one. Here's what we can do. I can put season one and two in your cart now and you can complete the order for the cost of shipping and come back to me (several months from now) when season three is available for preorder. I'll have to put season three in your cart for you so don't forget to come back. Or you can wait until season three is complete and the disc available to preorder, and request all three discs at once to save on shipping. Either way, I will need to put the discs in your shopping cart each time.

    btw- I'm unable to add discs to existing orders. Sorry.

    Please send me your S&M bundle order number with your request for your collector discs to [email][/email]
    As for the DVD with the Purcell slipcover, provided you pre-ordered the downloadable version of TOMI back in the day, you should be able to get it from here.
  • I'm doing the same thing you are :P

    Waiting for the DVDs to be added to my cart, hoping that the 2500 copies aren'y all bought up.
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    @Macfly77: Thankee sai, will write email@support.
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