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Yoda hut, any one nice want to say something?

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This is very unfinished. I'm going to add more details vines, and then finish the hut, so there's a lot of work that needs to be done. I'm not a real mapper, but I feel that I can have fun with this. A yoda hut is a very personal thing to make, watch ESB and ROTJ side by side, the basics remain the same, but they aren't the same huts. And to make something like this has a personal touch as in reality the the outer skeletion doesn't line up with the inner.

I've studied this hut for years...

Also it has to be scaled so that you can actually use it in a game, so it's not the easiest thing to create.

I'm also looking for people who know how to model, or have a yoda model to help be port it to my map, as well as suggestions, constructive criticisms that don't harm or hinder the growth of this inspired project , of about 6 years now. I've made several huts, I like this one, it's the latest hut.

So, I'm looking for nice feed back to make it more organic, real. But, keep in mind the challenges of something like this, and design restrictions and my experience as a mapper which is very limited.

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  • LOL it's unfinished. It's just water outside, as for Dagobah, It's a very hard thing to map, so I think I'm going to map a old school dagobah, for those who love classic jedi knight, classic gaming I think you'll like this. I'm going to try to mix old school mapping with new school. Jedi academy, and my computer can't map dagobah, it's detail is too much. So I'm going to try to think of ways to do it that resemble some of the older mapping days. I don't know if everyone will appreciate it, but I'm combining old school mapping with new.
  • Are you trying to map the entire exterior? From what I saw in the video you had texture screens to display the outside.
  • Well , what I plan to do is actually pretty bizzare and lazy, but might help me get my image. The textures inside look good in game, youtube is bad quality. What I have planned for the exterior of the hut, I'm not sure.

    I'm either going to map it or I am going to attempt to wrap textures around the interior and the environment around the hut.

    Images from the movies and models...
  • Can't you just add some huge tree branches? Those shouldn't be too hard to texturize.

    And water is easy enough... maybe some vines? Hm?
  • I have ideas, I'm just too damn lazy to do all the work. I never really cared that much about dagobah as I have yoda's hut. I would love to have a huge swamp collection of transparent swamp textures, that would make life easy.

    XD I once made a pirate ship in wolf3d inside of a cave, and then water falls and , lol that was talented, too bad I got rid of that mod. That was pretty cool.

    But, this shouldn't be that hard to do, it's just making transparent textures.

    I'm not so skilled as to be able to make these textures if I were I would go crazy with it. I would probably just cheat. I could finish the hut, no problem. I just don't have the texture skills and modeling skills to create Dagobah, and a map with that many models would be crazy and probably lag. So the cleverest thing I can think of is textures but I don't even know how to make textures with a transparent back ground...


    If you have any ideas or if any one would be as kind as to help I'm open. Dagobah has been mapped, but not as far back as Academy or outcast, not well anyways...

    I see it was done in Force Unleashed 2...and I see a few tricks I would try in my map too. I have a few ideas, I've just been too lazy to start and try it. But, I think I will shortly.

    I can make it look ok, decent I think taking a certain direction with it, but if I had textures I think I could more easily get through it.

    LOL blah blah blah, I'll post a update later or just add a blog in my sig or something if I figure something out. I have to finish my math homework.
  • How's the mini-project turning out? Any new updates? :)
  • I'll post a update when I acutally have something, it's hard for me to balance sanity and insanity because of the dreams I've had throughout life
  • Here's a real update, mind you it's unfinished and things are subject to change.
    6 minutes of your life you'll never get back
  • the outside looks pretty good, actually. But it's sort of dark in this video and it's youtube quality.

    Real thing is lighter.
  • Dude, please stop with multiposting :) I'll close the thread, and it's a shame to do that since it's one of your cool threads.

    If you feel like constant updating, please edit your first post. Last warning.
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