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Professor Layton RPG not coming to Europe

posted by Alex IDV on - last edited - Viewed by 611 users
As you may know, the RPG "Professor Layton's London Life" was included in the Japanese version of Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call/Last Specter, and it was recently confirmed that it will be included in the American localization too. Pretty cool, right?


There are currently no plans to include it in the European version. While nothing has been said about the Australian version, one can only assume that London Life will be missing in it too, as Australia is part of the PAL region.

I don't know if there are many Layton fans here on the Telltale forums, but if there are, please sign this petition I started a few minutes ago. It may not help, but who knows? It's better than simply accepting the fact that one of the largest markets for Layton games is missing out on a feature that is already going to get localized anyway.
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