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Forum search too restrictive

posted by Nephus on - last edited - Viewed by 815 users
So, I'm having issue with Sam and Max season 3 episode 1 not loading. So like any good gamer, I come to the support forum, which isn't divided by game. I happily click the search link and attempt to search for Sam and Max, but it tells me that my search terms are too short and have been excluded. Seriously? I can't search for the title of your game on your forums because the main characters names are too short?
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    DjNDB Moderator
    Yeah, that's a bummer in some situations. You can try searching "titles only" for sam* instead.
    If you don't find a solution, please post a description of your problem in the Game support forum.
  • Nah, finally got it sorted through the Steam forums rather than here. I've got to say though, in all the testing phase for the 3rd season, they didn't run across ONE person with multiple monitors? Seriously? I mean, most graphics people that work on games run multiple monitors from what I've seen, how could a bug like that have slipped through?
  • I have multiple monitors and have never had a problem with any of Telltale's games - they all run full screen on the main monitor. What was your problem?
  • Had to go into properties and disable desktop composition, whatever that does. Runs like a charm now.
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