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Unable to download purchased BTTF episodes -'this cannot be accessed on your account'

posted by Skankmustard on - last edited - Viewed by 330 users

I purchased the BTTF 5 game pack on PS3 in March and have slowly been working my way through the episodes when they are made available. I have just tried to download episode 5 and it says 'this cannot be accessed on your account'. The previous episodes and the game pack no longer have the shopping bag icon next to them so it thinks I haven't purchased them, even though I have and I only have one account.

I have seen other message board threads with the same problem, but no solutions given. Could it be that since the free trial has appeared the files themselves have been replaced so psn doesn't recognise them as part of the pack? Whatever the problem, I am unable to access what I paid for...

Any ideas or any ways of contacting Telltale directly?
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