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Does anyone else hope KQ isn't episodic?

posted by Anakin Skywalker on - last edited - Viewed by 708 users
I know episodic games are TT's forte, but I really hope they break their normal habits for King's Quest. I've never really been a fan of episodic games...I kind of want the whole game at once. And I don't think the episodic format would really be conductive to KQ. It might work but I'd personally much prefer the whole game at once....
Anyone else agree?
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  • It mostly depends on the plot and how the story is told. Personally I'm okay both ways, but on the same note I'm not that interested in similar approach Silver Lining took, but that's mostly because I don't like the writing.
  • Yes, I agree. I have no problem with episodic delivery if the games and stories are naturally episodic themselves. I also don't mind breaking up the kind of story associated with, say, a Sam and Max game into "chapters" punctuated by cliffhangers -- that can be fun. But I would prefer King's Quest as a single game. As much for what it can bring to the complexity of the gameplay as for the story.
  • If being episodic means episodes that are self-contained and have little to no bearing on each other, then yes it worries me.

    I'm with the crowd that wants the game to feel fully explorable (albeit there are areas impossible to reach at first). I also want the episodes to be dependent on each other such that it requires you to start from the beginning. I don't want gamers to be able to play only Chapter 4 of a 5-part KQ game. That's stupid.

    If, by episodic, you merely mean a full-sized game whose plot is delivered in sections, then no it doesn't bother me as long as it's done right.
  • I would be thrilled if by episodic, it only had two or three episodes. But only if those 2-3 episodes were 1/2 to 2/3 of a classic Sierra game in size.

    Whatever they do, the game should be as long as a classic Sierra game or longer. I wait to make judgement as to other features once its released.
  • I'm not counting on it being long or extending the episodes' lengths and lowering the number of episodes. I hope we don't visit the same areas all the time. I'm thinking about something like KQ5 (and these are just random examples, KQ5 isn't really broken up and balanced this way, but if it were...) where the first "chapter" would take place in one big area (town, in KQ5's case), the next chapter takes place in the desert, the next in the forest, the next in the mountains and beach, and the next on Mordack's island.
  • I'm really just hoping it doesn't suck the testicles of a rotting donkey carcass like BTTF.
  • Lambonius;538770 said:
    I'm really just hoping it doesn't suck the testicles of a rotting donkey carcass like BTTF.
    I'm not going to remove this but keep it clean. Last warning.
  • If it is done like KQ7, then I am okay with it. The way the game was done in chapters worked well. However, if it was done like the Sam and Max games, then I agree that it wouldn't feel like KQ
  • Amy Lukima;538777 said:
    I'm not going to remove this but keep it clean. Last warning.
    That wasn't that bad! The game was on the other hand...will you remove it too?
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