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[Hector] Bugs on Mac version

posted by teatime007 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users

I bought the Mac version and am trying to play it on my Macbook Pro. However, in full screen mode, often parts of the screen (the animated parts?) will flicker and the whole screen will go black then go back to normal. If I switch fullscreen off, this seems to solve the problem, but I don't like to play in a window. Any ideas?


EDIT: Actually, it happens in windowed mode too. Flickering black screen within the game.
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  • It won't even run on mine. I keep getting an error message. Tried everything. Every other Telltale game works fine n' dandy too.
  • This is taking to long. Just gonna install it on the W7 partition (Bootcamp).
    Or does the problem also effect play on W7 (seeing as it's still the same video card)?
  • Just want to point out that I paid for a game weeks ago that I still can't play. Do I have the option for a refund...? (serious question)
  • Yeah the game wont run on my macbook pro :(
  • Well, the lack of response from Telltale on this is frustrating.

    To be honest, this situation has made me question my loyalty to Telltale. I have bought multiple seasons of games from them - Sam and Max, Back to the Future among others, and always felt that I was supporting a company I liked. But their post game support has been awful. By all accounts this bug is something that affects every owner of the newer Macbooks (as they all have the same graphic card), so it's not an isolated issue - yet it's been weeks since Telltale took my money and they offer no solution and no update for weeks.

    I feel let down and annoyed, and want to know about the possibility of a refund - I would rather play the game but feel that a refund should have been offered (again, no response to this from Telltale, despite the game I bought from them not being fit for purpose, as it doesn't work. Legally in the UK if a product doesn't work as advertised we are entitled to a full refund under the Sale of Goods Act - not sure how this works with internet purchases but I imagine it's similar). I never figured Telltale for one of those companies that is great right up until they have taken your money, then they don't care, but that's how I feel about them now.

    I will be far more cautious about giving Telltale my money in the future and will be advising others the same.
  • I played with steam for mac and got a problem like that. I'm not sure how can I resolve it, just change back graphic from 800x640 to 1366x768, and it back to normal.
  • I'm sorry but the lack of updates on how far they are with solving this problem by Telltales is getting annoying!

    Update us. Let us know what you're doing and when you hope to have it resolved (or even IF you are doing anything about the problem at all)

    It's been well over a month since the problem was posted here and almost a month since the last update from someone from Telltales
  • appairs the problem was solved. Would've been nice if it was announced here.
  • this game still doesn't work even when I redownloaded it. It pops up with the relaunch, ignore, or report to apple. Can someone help me out here?
  • I'm experiencing this problem too, and I just downloaded it yesterday, so the bug hasn't been fixed. GeForce320M
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