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Wednesday Wrangle

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Hey Telltale gang! I'm tossing out something different. In this Battle Royale, you choose who would win in the ultimate throwdown! First, in the left corner, is



Hailing from the Gerudo Desert in the Land of Hyrule, he made his first appearance in the Legend of Zelda. Known best for kidnapping Princess Zelda, stealing a piece of the Triforce and basically turning the kingdom into a once-a-century throwdown for the future of the land, Ganon also likes to dabble in dark magics while spending his free time walking along the beach in all too disturbing reminiscence of his youthful days on the desert sands.

And in the right corner, is



Cursed with perhaps the single largest helmet mistaken for a human head in the history of gaming, Dr. Wily made his first appearance in the year 20XX when battling Mega Man (or Rockman for you crazy Japanese diamonds) for the future of mankind. Best known for begging for his life, repeatedly dying only to return despite any sort of black majick, and essentially cursing the world for the timespan of forever by creating a virus infected Zero, Dr. Wily has won our hearts and minds through his rapscallion ways and ever irascible reactions to untimely observations of his overgrown facial hair.

In this Battle Royale, who do you think would win! And perhaps... why!?
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