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Perils of Rosella: Alternate cover art?

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When I looked in the little Sierra-catalog that followed my copy of "Perils of Rosella" I noticed that in their presentation, KQ4 had a completely different cover art. Rather then Rosella riding on a horse it was, I think, Rosella interacting with a fairy.

Has anyone else noticed this? I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find this cover art anywhere so it doesn't seemed to have been released.
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  • It was Lolotte snatching the amulet from Genesta's neck. Looked spectacular, in my opinion. The cover was never mass produced. It only exists in those catalogues. I can't remember why it wasn't used. Maybe it was too controversial at the time.
  • Interesting
    Wonder if there's any way to find the art work.
  • kq4_early.jpg

    Other rare Sierra box covers:

    KQ7 (Note, on this cover, it isn't "King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride", but instead, "King's Quest: The Prince-less Bride"--No VII)

    Early KQ8 cover, with the classic Sierra logo AND the classic King's Quest font.

    Also, not KQ, but prototype SQ6 cover:
  • That's sweet looking cover. I'd love to see a bigger version of it.
  • Anyone have a scan of the KQ4 alternate box without the watermarks/website?

    Probably no chance of seeing a bigger version of it, since it's only appeared in thumb nails inside of catalogs as far as I know.
  • There was another SQ6 cover that was never used, when the game was still called Innard Space. It showed Roger inside some kind of tube in the body, with those creature things from inside Stellar peeking behind a corner.
  • I was part of the test group that help select the KQ:MOE and Half-Life boxes. I was the only one in the room that knew what King's Quest was and was one of the few that selected the box with just the broken mask. So at one point that MOE cover actually existed as a game box.
  • Bah, shame, that broken max cover was more epic!

    But I guess guy with a sword and shield is more marketable?
  • BagginsKQ wrote: »
    Bah, shame, that broken max cover was more epic!

    But I guess guy with a sword and shield is more marketable?

    I actually think the broken Mask game box would've sold more...It makes the game look more mysterious, more epic. The cover that came out was kind of bland, IMO. Generic somehow.
  • Ya, Anakin I would agree that the released box does look sorta generic.

    But Galbyman's testimony suggests that the non-KQ fans found the generic box more enticing than the Mask box! Thus in the test the box we got apparently had more mass market appeal.

    I think the "mask" box might have appealed more to adventure and KQ gamers however. But adventure gamers and KQ fans were a extremely limited niche market. Many had moved onto to action-adventure or action games. Remember many were starting to complain that adventures were outdated.
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