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  • @Ribs & Doodo, why are you trying so hard to convince people that it's perfectly okay to ruin a beloved classic franchise, when it's apparent you don't care about Star Wars anyway?
  • Icedhope;538929 said:
    he can do what he wants with it.

    That doesn't mean he should.
    Chyron8472;538900 said:
    Okay, then by rights TTG can make a King's Quest reboot wherein the main character is a talking cactus. They can do it, so they should. Nevermind what the fans think or whether it pisses the whole of the adventure gaming community off.
    Chyron8472;538905 said:
    Also, Penny Arcade should update their comic by replacing Gabe and Tycho with My Little Pony; Strong Bad's voice in his emails should be replaced with that of Pee-wee Herman; TTG should re-release Sam & Max Seasons 1 thru 3 patched so that Sam is a sperm whale and Max is a TF2 hat....
    Also, the classic Dracula film starring Bela Lugosi should forever be released from this point on with the Looney Tunes animated dancing frog in it wherever Dracula is on screen; and all further releases of It's A Wonderful Life should replace the character of Clarence with a CGI character that looks and sounds similar to "Kid Icarus" (ie. Pit) from the Captain N cartoon show because these changes obviously would improve those films.

    But hey... who cares if the official release of the original theatrical version of the Star Wars original trilogy on DVD was letterboxed (ie. 16:9 image in a 4:3 frame with black bars) instead of widescreen, such that to use a TV's zoom feature makes the picture all the more grainy than it was in the first place. Nevermind that to get a good version of the OT that is anamorphic widescreen, you have to get it from fan-editors like Adywan. Nevermind peoples' feelings that Lucas is ruining a franchise that they care about. He can do it, and it's a guaranteed money maker anyway so why the heck not?

    Do you know how long it took before Lucas even released the original versions on DVD anyway? Special Edition was out for a long time by itself before they were released, such that at one point I was digging around in my storage bins looking for it on VHS.
  • Lucas should have just remade them in the first place. Let the fans have a proper choice. Unfortunately, my choice as of 1990, was to not care about future Star Wars projects and consider it dead.
  • Dear God. I knew Star Wars was a hot topic, but to this extent? Bloody hell.

    Technically, George Lucas can do whatever the hell he wants to the films. They're HIS. If he wants to put new sounds effects in or replace puppets with CGI, then he can. We may not like it, but he can do what he likes with the films he made. Some of these changes make sense, like letting Ewoks blink (if you cna get past the slightly iffy CGI).

    That doesn't mean that all the changes he makes are good though. Having heard Darth Vader scream 'NO!', I can confirm that it's just silly. See for yourself. And I'm willing to bet that there'll be more changes that remove tension and make the scenes less credible.

    Star Wars doesn't belong to the fans, it belongs to George Lucas, no matter how much we wish otherwise. But honestly, it says something when a fan edit is widely regarded as being better than the official Special Editions. (I should know, I've seen it and it's excellent).

    As fans, we are allowed to bitch and moan about what George has done to his classic films. So let us vent! It won't do anything but make us feel better for having done so! We know we can't change anything, but still, we're fans. We bitch and moan. it's what we do. :)
  • I did pre-order the Blu-ray set, but after seeing some of the new changes I changed my mind and cancelled it. The only thing left on this set that interests me would be the bonus features (and the fixed German audio), but that's not worth 90 bucks to me.

    As my nick and avatar show, I am a Star Wars nut... since forever... but as much as I would love to have the films on Blu-ray, the ways the films are now they simply aren't any fun anymore for me. Some of the changes make me cringe, and now some make me really question the sanity of GL.

    If you're really against the way he treats the classic trilogy right now, go ahead and write a negative review at Amazon.com... explain why you won't buy. It's already down to a 2.5 stars rating and it's possibly one of the few ways to let Lucasfilm know, what you think of this.
  • Chyron8472;538932 said:
    @Ribs & Doodo, why are you trying so hard to convince people that it's perfectly okay to ruin a beloved classic franchise, when it's apparent you don't care about Star Wars anyway?
    I think you answered your own question.

    These changes are dumb, and I loves me some (old) Star Wars, but I can't really find it in me to get upset at this anymore. George Lucas has done nothing but crap all over the films that made him a millionaire since the late 90's. First the special editions had Greedo shoot first, that fucking Jabba's palace music video, etc. Then the prequels were full of contradictions to the original trilogy... "Go to the Dagobah system, there you will learn from Yoda, the Jedi Master who instructed the Jedi Master who instructed the Jedi Master who instructed me." :rolleyes: And then you have everything else. The novels killed off Anakin Solo halfway through the New Jedi Order series, despite him being set up to be the ultimate hero, because Lucas was apparently worried people would be confused by too many Anakins. An author writing a terrific series about clones trying to escape being slave-soldiers for the Republic simply gave up and stopped writing it when the Clone Wars cartoon retconned Boba Fett's homeworld of Mandalore to be nigh-unrecognizable from all the previously established canon (and her previous books). The Force Unleashed decided that Vader secretly started the Rebellion to distract the Emperor, and that there was a Jedi Master Rebel that I guess none of the other Rebels felt the need to mention to Luke. Oh, yeah, and all those post-movies novels where Luke was desperate to learn anything he could about the Jedi--would have been nice if Chewbacca had mentioned he'd worked personally with Yoda, huh?

    Like I said, these changes are dumb. I just don't really have it in me to care anymore.
  • Some of you act like he's a dictator or this is Nazism. My God, it's just a video re-release, it's just movies.

    I love Star Wars, but having asked questions about reality, and finding answers. I've seen things WAY WAY WAY WAYYYYYY worse than a stupid video re-release. I'm sorry I won't get tempered or angry over something like this.

    Here's the honest reality, George Lucas is a human being, ok? I know it's hard to understand this, he's human and able to make his own opinions, decisions, omg that's so hard to understand some people are like that...he's a artist, it's his property and he can do whatever he wants with it.

    Fan boys just whine anymore. The reality is he can do what he wants, he's a human being it's his property...he's been doing it for like 2 decades now. I guess fans have been bitching for 2 whole decades, so I guess it's even.

    I know life is HARD and we might just all die or go insane from seeing such awful, horrible things. OMG, life is so hard, so horrible. Oh my, I can't believe what we've seen, this world is so crazy, OMG Star Wars has been updated again and Lucas added sound effects and made changes....


    He isn't ruining anything, I like my original copies, I don't give a flying shit if they aren't touched up or if it's a laserdisc transfer....I prefer watching it on laserdisc so that I can see all the film grain...yep...upgrading it to be more crisp, whatever in REALITY is yet another revision. I could wet the bed that my DVDS are lazerdisc transfers but they are fine to me....but I guess I've seen worse things in the world to worry about.

    But it's like it were said, fans bitch and moan, it's for you to vent...I guess, I've loved Star Wars my whole life. But hey, I guess video re-releases is serious business, I honestly don't care, I don't give a shit if it's bluray or if it's crisp. I have my DVD copies and those should last me a very long time.

    But I understand it's a holy grail and so it needs to be protected, hidden under ground, you should go burry all the original copies you can find under ground in a air tight container.

    I can't let this bother me anymore, I wish I was wiser then we could respectfully disagree and you would allow me to without accusation. I love Star Wars.
  • Chyron8472;538932 said:
    @Ribs & Doodo, why are you trying so hard to convince people that it's perfectly okay to ruin a beloved classic franchise, when it's apparent you don't care about Star Wars anyway?
    I do care about Star Wars. I love Star Wars. However, I respect the filmmaker's opinion if he thinks things need to be changed and therefore any new cuts are superior.
  • Changing content without providing the original versions for those who want it is not OK.
    I'm all for upgrading the visual effects and I might even agree with the extra stuff that was added in the DVD version.

    But it's removing all the Biggs scenes from ANH original version and Greedo shooting first that was truly outrageous. I don't get it anyway, Star Wars is great the way it is, there's no reason to change it.
  • This should make alot of you happy...

    The originals are provided, if people forget how to find older copies that's their problem. The reality is the films are 30-20 years old and Lucas likes to upgrade them and so you have to get your own copies if you want original copies, or lazerdisc, who cares, whatever copies. It is what it is. Lucas never took the originals and upgraded them to be more crisp, never. If you want to watch Star Wars old school make a VCD or something. I'm sure the technology to make Blu rays from VHS and that sort of thing is out there....

    The originals will look old, dated, and that's fine with me. This is simply Luca's property and his project. And, he's up front about it. This is what he does and this is how he does it. It's got nothing to do with what you want. It is what it is, and he does what he does, and he's been doing it for 2 decades, it's nothing new.

    Forget it, I resign from this thread. Peace everyone.
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