Sam & Max 101 [Steam]

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I've owned Sam & Max seasons 1 & 2 on Steam for a while now but Ive never gotten around to playing them until now.

I tried to start playing last night, the game loads fine and I can click about and interact with tings, but I couldnt get past the first room (was feeling kind of dumb). SO I found a walk through and I realized that I am having some sort of video issue.

I can see the game fine, but things are missing. Nothing in my inventory box, even though I grabbed the boxing glove for one. If I look out the window, all I see is blackness. I went to the options menu and I cant select anything to change, I was hoping it was a resolution issue or something like that.

GPU wise Im running a GTX 465 with the 8-9-2011 driver under Win7-64.

Anyone know whats going on or do I have yet another "broken" game in my library?

Thank you for any help!


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    Ok, never mind, mark this as resolved or something.

    I started the game up again today and everything is resolved. I was able to access the options mention and everything was as it is supposed to be.
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