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Great Idea for Episodic game.

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Hey guys! I think I have great idea for adventure game


Game based on short mystery books, popular in USA in 60's called "Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators." Each book tells us about mystery that solved buy three guys - Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw and Bob Andrews.
The three boys who call themselves The Three Investigators are Bob Andrews, Pete Crenshaw, and Jupiter Jones, all of whom live in
Rocky Beach, a small city on be shore of the Pacific Ocean some miles from
Hollywood. They solving mysteris and crimes, riding and then tell them to Alfred Hitchcock, every book started with this. They have Headquarters. Is an old thirty-foot home trailer which they have equipped
with an office, a photographic darkroom and a tiny laboratory, and hidden from public view behind towering piles of ordinary junk so that it must be entered through certain secret passages which they have constructed.

Why this game should be made by TellTalegames?

Genre of Three Investigators is adventure-detective. I think by creating Sam and Max series you guys gained experience.

Game mechanic that based on special abilitis of each character like in Maniac Mansion:
Jupiter is intelligent, stocky and has a remarkable memory and deductive skills.
Pete is an athletic youth who dislikes dangerous situations, but is nonetheless reliable as the "action member" of the team.
Bob Andrews, who is small but wiry, is something of a scholarly type, although
with an adventurous spirit.

Story of Three Investigators have same style that TV Show series "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". Maybe I wrong but - new season of S&M hase exactly same style.
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