"Artsehcro" - A film short!

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Hey, everyone!

I've been trying to share this since the day I finished it on 2009, but due to various reasons (mainly post-production issues) I haven't been able to put it online. But finally it's here, my first short film in my what was my first year of film school.

The basic premise of it is: "What if the musical instruments changed the sounds between them?" and called "Artsehcro" (read it the other way ;) )

So, with no further comments, here it is:


If you liked it, great! And if you didn't, feel free to share your thoughts as why you didn't like it. Just remember this was my first time as a director :)

Thanks for reading/watching!

Edit: Sorry for the lack of subtitles, but I can't seem to add them on Vimeo and besides, the actual text is practically non existent. It's a silent film, after all.


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    Sure, that was cute! I know enough Spanish not to have needed subtitles, and there were really so few words that you might have been able to get away without them at all.

    My only suggestion is that it seems a bit slow in parts of the setup, which should have been cut or sped up. The nice thing about silent features is that you can speed them up without having to compensate for people's voices sounding like they're on helium!
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    Thanks, guys! I'm really glad that you liked it. And yes, the duration is something I have discussed a lot with the team and what you see there is sort of the middle ground where everyone agreed that it was ok. However, the "quick speed" typical of Chaplin was something I wish we had included. Maybe next time!

    I will post more shorts soonish. Right now, I'm starting pre-production of a very simple short with video clip influences. And after that, a western!

    Again, thanks for the support guys! :D
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