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The Silver Lining thread

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Nobody else has posted this, so...

It looks like The Silver Lining (formerly known as King's Quest IX: Every Cloak Has a Silver Lining) will finally be released in Summer 2009. That is, if Vivindi Games (now merged with Activision) doesn't sit on its royal ass during the approval process. Unfortunately, only the first two chapters of The Silver Lining will be released. The remaining chapters (3-9) will most likely never see the light of day. According to the team, it would take 10 or more years to complete them without proper funding, which even if they had, would put their fan license in jeopardy.

It would be interesting to see if they ultimately decide to release the remaining chapters one at a time over the next few years. I hear that episodic gaming is doing fairly well...

Now, I just wish that would receive permission from Vivindi Games to be completed.
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  • There's no virus in this game. Oh, and so far its really great. I am legitimately stuck on a puzzle, and I've died a few times too.
  • You done scans since downloading it?
  • I did one since you asked. No viruses.
  • Wonderful news! Phoenix Online Studios is happy to announce that The Silver Lining, Episode 3: My Only Love Sprang from My Only Hate will be available for download on January 29th, 2011!

    This will be the best episode yet with more puzzles, new characters and greater dangers for graham to overcome to save his children.

    Check out our website at to see recent screen shots, download the soundtrack and send e-cards to your friends and family. Mark your calendars and get ready to live the magic!

    Adrienne Elliott
    Production Coordinator
    The Silver Lining
  • TSL's been pretty enjoyable so far (even if the first episode was way too short). It has its flaws, but overall, I'm just happy to be exploring the Land of the Green Isles again with a new story.
  • I played 20 minutes of The Silver Lining and 19 of it was listening to the narrator ramble on endlessly after I clicked on a potted plant.
  • I for one love TSL. The music, graphics, story line are all beautifully done. This is a fan game that has risen to new heights and has exceeded all of my expectations. Sure it is a new take on things, and people are resistant to change, but who is to saw that it wouldn't lighten up if the story had a chance to continue.

    If we looked at the other games and broke them into five episodes then the first chapters would be really boring. Take Kq2 for example, Imagine getting one key and that's it till next month. God, I would hate that because you aren't doing anything except walking around collecting stuff. Patience is what is needed when playing Episodic games.

    Over all, TSL is a deep moving story that touches the player at the heart. It gives you hope and inspires the player to stand up against all odds and to do what is right. Graham could have easily give up but that is the one message that all the KQ games have, including 8. Never give up and TSL continues this tradition.
  • I like TSL's graphics and music - I like them a lot! I think it looks and plays great. I think the writing is a bit.... verbose and melodramatic. The story feels like a giant soap opera, and all that's missing is the "dramatic orchestra hits" and JR Ewing. Still, it's an impressive work - I just hope Telltale doesn't delve into a large, sweeping melodramatic story. Keeping it simple is the way to go.

  • I guess some people just dig the melodrama more, considering it the next logical step of progression from the demi-melodrama of King's Quest 6 and 7. Many parts of King's Quest have never been fixed, but experimental with each installment. I agree most of the time it should be toned down, but at least one dramatic cataclysm is great for bringing the whole story together, which I never think is a bad thing, even if it's never been done for the franchise to this degree.
  • The 4th installment of The Silver Lining, entitled “Tis in My Memory Locked, and You Yourself Shall Keep the Key of It” will be released next month!
    Personally, I'm excited!

    Not only will we get more of the action sequence goodness we had in episode 3 but they promise us new areas of Sacred Mountain and exploration of Isle of the Beast.

    They really took their time with this episode, not promising any release date, instead of rushing it like they did with the previous episode and I'm sure that this will be well-designed and rich in content.
    For those of you who haven't yet played TSL, I can highly recommend picking it up at tsl.

    Here are some screenshots though.
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