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Revisiting the series?

posted by RAnthonyMahan on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users
I realized something. King's Quest has been MIA for a long time, and this new game will probably be a lot of people's first encounter with the series. I think once this game draws closer, Telltale should do something to help familiarize any newbies with the world of KQ. Two thoughts...

1. They could sell the King's Quest Collection on the Telltale Store, just like how they sell Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. Maybe even give it free/discounted when you pre-order the new game. I know they sell the Collection on Steam too, so maybe a "King's Quest Bundle" is possible?

2. This is a bit of a stretch, but maybe actually include the older games with the episodes? I doubt they'd take up too much memory.

What do you think?
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  • BagginsKQ;540430 said:
    Who said anything about expecting it?

    I'm just saying what I would actually pay for if it was offered.

    Otherwise, I probably wouldn't buy it... I already own the games in some format otherwise.

    Besides, do you really expect Activision/Telltale to go out of their way to get access to the various versions of the King's Quest Companions, Novels, KQ Hintbooks, and create pdfs of them? I know I wouldn't. Which is why I was just suggesting, if, and only if was offered, I would probably be willing to buy it. But in sense, did I say anywhere that I 'expect' them to add any such bells and whistles to their package.
    I have about 4 copies of the 4th edition of the KQC...Just saying.
  • Worst edition, really!

    Seriously, the best option is to own the three (for access to the various artwork/maps) + the KQ7 Authorized Guide (for the KQ7 material).
  • The 3-disc KQC? What's wrong with that one? It's pretty all-inclusive if you ask me.
  • Beyond obvious need to change the installation frontends...

    It actually lacks some of the 15th anniversary bonuses, development videos, etc.

    The Roberta Williams Collection also has some nice KQ7 concept art bonuses.

    This page breaks down the various collections and their bonuses up to the 2006 collection.

    Currently the GoG/Activision collections are the most complete up to KQ8 as far as the main games, with the noticeable lack of the KQ1 SCI.
  • It is the most inclusive as far as games go, though. It'd be nice to have bonus content, but the main feature is the games, and that collection wins out.
  • Yet it still lacks KQ8. Most inclusive would be to combine the GoG/Activision versions into one pack, along with anything from KQC1 or 2 packs, or add in Wizard and the Princess and KQ1SCI.

    Any way they go about it is going to need new installation front end.

    I also seriously doubt they need to throw in Laura Bow games and mixed-up mother goose.
  • The more games the better. I always assumed that part of it was carried over from the Roberta Williams Anthology. They were games that she made. It'd be nice if Phantasmagoria was also there too, actually.
  • BagginsKQ;540436 said:
    Worst edition, really!

    Seriously, the best option is to own the three (for access to the various artwork/maps) + the KQ7 Authorized Guide (for the KQ7 material).
    I have copies of every edition of the King's Quest Companion. The first copy we got of it was the 3rd edition, sometime around 1995-1996. But that one wore out over the years from use and eventually the spine broke and so I needed a new copy. I have like 3 copies of each edition LOL for different reasons.

    I still have my 1994 KQ Collection manual, as well as the original manuals for each KQ game and the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles. My mother however threw away my CD cases (I had KQ5, KQ6, KQ7, KQ8, the '94 Collection on CD with the glass cases from when i was a kid).

    One time I bought off Ebay mint condition (shrink wrapped) KQs 1-5, diskettes and all. I still have them on a book shelf, and the version of KQ4 is the AGI version, and the version of KQ5 is the original cover.
  • Does the KQ Collection come with the individual game manuals for each KQ game?

    Those would be cool to have.

    edit: Gah... apparently not. (I just looked at KQC on Steam.)

    I wish it did.

    image image

    I remember that KQ4 manual from years past. (It was my family's first ever adventure game.) God knows where it is now. When I got KQ3 from my brother in law, he only had a photocopy of the manual.
  • The KQC I have came with a big thick manual with all (most?) of the contents from each game's manual included. All the text, anyway. I think some of the images made it in from KQ6. The KQ5 copy protection is even included even though it's not needed. It also contains manual information for LB1, LB2, and MUMG Deluxe. Oh, and the four included Apple hi-res games.

    I still also have my KQ3 and KQ4 manuals, though. In fact, I think I even have KQ2. I don't have KQ1, though. Very nice parchment-like manuals.
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