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Avi's French blog (others welcome)

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So, I've been using the Whatever thread as a blog, but it's a bit... chaotic, to say the least, so I figured I'd start a blog thread here instead. But I want everyone to be able to comment at any time and add their own blogs too, so I figured a thread rather than, you know, an actual blog would work better.

I figure if you have anything to say about your day that's actually descriptive and specific, you can talk about it here (pics are welcome). For more general comments about life, the universe, and everything, the whatever thread is probably still our best bet though.

So. I'll start with explaining my situation. I'm in France on welfare right now. Moneyphobics beware, I'm about to talk about money (and I'll do it a LOT. I love talking about money. It allows me to feel like I have some control over my life when I can crunch the numbers.) The rest of this post is only about money, and it will feature in pretty much every post afterwards. So, be warned I guess.

So, I get €410 a month. My rent is €190, my debt repayment+savings plan (more on that later) is €125 and probably going to get higher, my phone+Internet bill is €32 and my electricity+water bill is as of yet unknown and will be different every month (I'll know how much it is for the first month later today).

I'm potentially able to get help from the state for both my rent and my phone+Internet bill, the latter from the unemployment agency because it finances tools that can help you find a job (and having a phone and the Internet counts) and the former from the welfare place in a different category as the welfare I'm already getting (just like if I had kids for instance I'd get welfare for that but from yet another service).
It is unknown to me if getting these from one side would result in lower payments from the other side, so right now I'm assuming I'm not getting any of it.

The saving plan is because I started a savings plan that you have to pay tax on if you stop within the first 8 years (or take out any money from it), and it's only been six years, so I don't want to stop it, and the debt is over some stupid stuff that happened while I was in Canada, plus some debt of my husband's that I thought had been paid before I left for Canada but hadn't been.
The total debt is €1,500, they're accepting payments of anything or even nothing because I'm on welfare, however I want it paid off. Right now I'm only paying the minimum I could think of, which is €10 a month (the 115 is the saving plan). I do want to raise it though once I've crunched the numbers better and know what I can afford to pay.

Right now with the numbers I have, I'm at €63 a month for my bills plus other expenses (food, laundry, clothes, etc). I'm going to track my expenses for September and see how much I spend so I can decide by how much to raise my debt repayment (which as I understand it has frozen interest right now). Also, I plan on putting any windfall I get on debt repayment.
On that note, so you don't worry too much about me, you should know that when I got married I put €6,000 on an account in my husband's name that neither of us touched since. When we separated, it was part of the separation agreement we signed that he would return that money to me (and I would leave all the Canadian accounts to him). At this time (eight months later) he has not, but when he does I will be able to repay the debt completely and use the rest of the money for the regular 115 payment to the saving account, meaning I will get use of the whole €410 a month.

Anyways. Now that I've crunched the numbers in this post, I'll start my next post about food, with pictures!
(Because I'll be posting a lot, including double posts, mods should feel free to move this thread to the Games forum so that my posts don't count. I honestly couldn't care less about that, but some people might so have at it.)
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Avistew;539290 said:
    150 tissues: €0.55
    Vaguely related to cheap tissues: cheap single-ply toilet paper. It's always seemed like a false economy to me - surely you just use twice as much?? I wanted to do a comparison of price per 100 squares to see if it really is genuinely cheaper than double ply, but apparently my posh local supermarket considers itself above stocking single ply stuff. :P
    Avistew;539290 said:
    So, in France, all eggs that are sold need to be stamped.
    Those egg stamps are an EU standard. I do find the stamps rather amusing - I like to think of the eggs being stamped like that as they roll out of the chicken. :p

    The UK codes are a little different, we have no "laid on" date.



    I only ever buy free range eggs (like you, I don't much care about organic). There's supposed to be an EU ban on battery cage egg production starting next year, which is good news indeed for poor cage hens.

    Something I've been enjoying lately is mini Babybel cheeses (picked some up because they were on special offer in the supermarket).


    I love the whole ritual associated with these things. First you unwrap the cellophane, and find the little paper tab...


    ... then you unzip the cheese ...


    ... then ...


    ... you play Pacman!


    Or make a half-arsed cheese wax Mary Poppins.


    So yeah, I've taken to calling these things Pacman cheese. Most people look at me oddly for that, but obviously everything makes sense within my own little world.

    Hey-o kids, this is what responsible adults do in their spare time.
  • I used to play with the Babybel wax and not eat the cheese because I didn't like it :p

    Good to know I'm not the only one... Never played Pac-man with them though.

    I've wondered about toilet paper, too... The different kinds, and also which is cheaper of TP and tissues... I have handkerchiefs but when I get bad allergies they get used up too fast, and since I hand wash stuff and then they take a couple of days to dry... that's not the most practical.
  • Ah babybell.

    Must have been the scorn of the school cleaners, since that wax sticks to the ceiling like a motherheffer.
  • Wow, I never knew z*cchini was so obscene! You'd think it was the plural of Winslow or something!

    Anyway, there is no requirement to label eggs based on origin in the U.S., but if they are labeled, they have to be labeled correctly. So you can get organic, free-range eggs, but they're a lot more expensive than the hide-their-origin eggs. Unless you go to a farmer's market (where you trust the farmers), or know someone with a chicken. Or ask Mr. Featherly.

    I have a job that pays enough to eat out frequently, and also drains enough energy that I prefer to either do that or eat something really simple to make (which is usually more expensive than raw ingredients). If I ever find myself unemployed with lots of time on my hands, I'll definitely be more adventurous in attempting to cook with cheaper ingredients.
  • I love Babybels! I used to peel them just for fun as a kid. Will play Pacman with them from now on. They're expensive though, so not ideal for Avistew's budget (or indeed mine, when I eventually move out). There's usually some Babybels in the fridge for my teenage sisters but I still munch sometimes and get moaned at. No more of that though, as of yesterday. God I hate being on a diet.
  • So I just spent an hour writing a post about the most terrifying experience I've had in a while, and the forum ate it, and now the first time drained me too much and scared me too much for me to muster the courage to do it again.
    It sucks because I've been wanting to talk about it with someone for over 24 hours and well I never got a chance to, and I thought maybe I could do it in this thread and now it's not happening either.

    I hate it :(
  • Copy it to clipboard first just in case. That's what I always do now.
  • tbm1986;540426 said:
    Copy it to clipboard first just in case. That's what I always do now.
    Yeah... I used to do that, but then I stopped posting here for a while, and the posts I did make weren't taking long enough to write to hit the time limit (it seems to me when you take longer than a certain amount of time to write a post is when it bugs) so I lost the habit.
    I'll definitely try to pick it up again.
  • MMMHMM! That looks good! You're speaking to my stomach! I'm really starting to love you! XD

    Thanks for sharing. That looks good! I love this thread, reminds me how much I love to eat! Let's get it on in here! I got to try some of these recipes. I wish it wasn't just French, but I respect that it is. MMMHMMM.

    I approve this thread, as a cooking thread. MMMHMMM!
  • My appointment with a psychiatrist is tomorrow.
    I lost the paper from my main doctor directing me to a shrink. In France, that means I'm not eligible to be reimbursed completely because I didn't follow the proper steps (or rather can't prove I did).
    I asked my ex-roommate if she found it (which was a bit embarrassing. I hadn't told her I was going to see a shrink) and she didn't. I contacted my main doctor for a copy but my appointment is tomorrow so it's likely to be too late.

    The full cost would be €75, which you'll remember as more than I have left after my rent but before food and bills. I don't know how much of that would be reimbursed anyways.

    I'm just thinking, maybe I can ask him to fax it to the shrink. I'll have to see about that.

    EDIT: Good News, EveryoneTM! My main doctor's secretary called back. He is out of his office on Tuesdays and Thursdays because that's the days he goes to people's homes rather than them going to his office (I can never remember which days it is) but he'll have a new copy ready for me to pick up on my way to my psychiatrist.
    It was also my first time speaking to the secretary and not the doctor directly (I've never seen her either). She sounds awesome.

    So, problem solved it seems. That's a relief. Now to find my tweezers.
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