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MRI came back, my back is a mess

posted by doodo! on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users
I'm going to see a doctor about it.
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    Ouch, never really had anything swollen around my eyes, but it looks extremely uncomfortable. Get better, already!
  • Trying to get a little work man's comp. And I had blood work done today, suspicion of another problem.
  • That's weird, doodo. Get well soon.
  • I can't do this, I cant' do school. I'm pain, just from school. Carrying books. I can't do this, it was SOOOOO stupid to go back. I'm about to blow my disc back out. I'm getting fat, everyone says I've lost all my muscle and have gotten fat. I can't carry my books, I walk with a limp. I'm not ready for this, I'm going to screw myself up again, loyally. I can't do this. This is stupid! I'm pissed off, upset and angry. There is no way I can get through this semester, and we still haven't payed the damn therapist worked out money issues so I can't see her again!

    This is BS! I can't do this. I feel like I'm about to blow out my DISC! I'm so pissed. She says if I do it again, from the pressure it's going to explode!

    I was starting to get math, it was sinking in, and BAM, my back gets screwy again.

    I can't even walk straight.


    I'm upset. I'm trying to balance myself but I physically can't do this!!!

    The radio ologist called today and all I got was a urgent important message. I have no idea what they found , of if they just want some money.
  • See if the doctor will give you a handicap permit (or permission to get one). Schools tend to adopt accessibility options quickly, so there may be something you can do so you won't kill yourself getting between classes. Maybe get one of those rolling satchels like frequent airport visitors have.
  • That's a good idea, I hadn't thought of that. I mean the rolling back packs. That's what I need. Thank you, I also need to take elevators.
  • Hey doodo, how's your back been? When did you start school? Is that instead of work, or were you only working during school break?
  • I'm weak, can't even throw a shooting disc. Can't lift 15 pounds anymore without feeling weak. My huge biceps are gone. But I guess I'm ok. How are you?
  • today is not a good day for me, my back hurts and I so soar. and I' getting weaker and weaker today is not a good day for my back/
  • :/ That's not so good. I hope the soreness eases up for you. Well, I did a clever thing (not) and fell out of a shower/bath tub while I was on holiday and landed on my back. I was really worried I'd hurt it as I fell right out of it and was full length on the floor. But luckily I was just sore for a few days. Travelling in the plane didn't help much though, but I am slowly getting the kinks out.
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