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What they left out of the 3rd edition of the King's Quest Companion...

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This is a repeat of a post I made on another forum several months ago, but I thought I'd post it again here, since some things have changed since I made the first post.

As some of you may know, there are several versions of The King's Quest Companion. The first one covers KQ1-4, the second one was expanded to include KQ5, the third added KQ6, and the fourth (and last) one covers KQ1-7. However, because of the vast amount of material KQ6 contained, one of the sections present in the first and second editions had to be removed from the third edition.

This section was called "An Encyclopedia of Daventry", and it discusses the various people, creatures, lands and entities found throughout the series, often describing their real-life origins. However, there is also a lot of "embellishment" added to the descriptions of some of the original characters by the author, and some of this embellishment is so bizarre that when I first saw some examples from the encyclopedia on the KQ Wiki, I thought that some mischievous fan was adding this info as a joke. However, I now own the 2nd edition of the KQC, and I can verify that not only are the pages where the 2nd edition of the KQC are accurate, but they're copied almost verbatim.

Here are a few of the more..."interesting" entries that I discovered:

From the entry on snow leopards:
[...]Rosella speculates that the leopard might be more than just a bodyguard. It seems that fairies must spend a day each week in the form of some animal. Rosella thinks Genesta may become a female snow leopard and the regal beast she saw in Genesta's Ivory Tower is her animal husband.
(Note: The encyclopedia's entry on fairies repeats the "fairies must spend one day in the form of an animal" fact.)

And speaking of Genesta (this text is from the wiki -- it's supposed to be an actual fairy tale, but I haven't been able to find it):
Genesta once took a young boy from his parents, a foolish king and queen. Genesta promised to return the boy someday, but said they would not see him again until he was all covered with fur. She called the boy Mannikin because of his small size. He grew up to go on many adventures, aided by the good fairy Genesta. Years, later when Mannikin returned from the North Pole, Genesta arrived in a chariot drawn by eagles, bearing with her Mannikin's parents. Mannikin was wearing a fur coat, thus Genesta's promise was fulfilled.
Wow...makes me wonder if Lolotte got the idea of stealing Edgar from Genesta.

From the pirates' entry:
All the pirates but one are now dead, the victims of a great storm spell cast upon them by Prince Alexander some weeks after his return home. The lone survivor washed up on the coast of Llewdor babbling of shipmates being consumed by sharks and others swallowed by a great squid after being crushed in its tentacles. The unfortunate man also kept whimpering a word that sounded something like "Cthulhu," but his mind had been shattered by the experience and he only continued to chatter incoherently.
Is it just me, or does this story seem a bit...well, out of place?
"Well Mother and Father, I'd really love to spend more time with you after spending nearly 18 years as a slave to an evil wizard, but right now I've got to go sic an Elder God on some rude pirates who stole my things before they brought me here. Bye!"

On Queen Icebella:
Her consort is the changeling and werewolf, Sir Greywolf.
What is it with the implied bestiality in this Encyclopedia!?

A bit of information from Cassima's entry (remember, this is before KQ6 was made):
[Derek Karlavaegan] also mentions that Alexander and Cassima have communicated since their meeting [in Mordack's castle], but how, or where or when is unknown. Nothing is at it appears, and we know too little.
How conveniently vague...
Other entries in the encyclopedia go on to say that during these "communications", Cassima told Alexander about Dink (the unseen monster named "Sam" is apparently his brother), the blue beast in the castle (he is somehow related to Dink, "although whether he is made from parts of Dink or his tissue is not clear"), how her locket wound up in the Roc's nest (Mordack flew with her to his castle "in the wings of a giant bird", and she dropped the locket on the way). Too bad she never told him something like...say, the location of the Kingdom of the Green Isles?

On vampires:
Derek believes vampires may be descended from the lizardfolk and not supernatural at all, having powers similar to the bat and chameleon (other species that may have descended from the lizardfolk).
I probably shouldn't have looked up the lizardfolk's page after reading this, but I did...
The lizardfolk are [a] reptilian race that had owned the earth, and roamed the stars before the evolution of mammals that would become humanity. They crawled out of the swamps to raise gargantuan cities and ruled the stars for untold millions of years. Their race died out, disappearing into oblivion, victims of arcane sorceries from beyond the Multiverse itself. The insane and incomprehensible magics (the very sounds which cannot be conceived nor reproduced by humans) that destroyed the lizards may exist still.
...I got nothing.

According to An Encyclopedia of Daventry, the winged horse in KQ2 is indeed Pegasus, who was born from the blood of the gorgon Medusa after she was killed by Perseus. However, this raises the quandary of how Medusa is alive in KQ3. A look at her page in the Omni reveals that:
There are hints that this Medusa is the same one Perseus killed. How she came to be alive again is unknown.
No kidding.
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  • MusicallyInspired;542072 said:
    I'm just saying, Roberta has definitely refuted Hagatha being the sibling of Mordack and Manannan.
    Sure. But one could say that in canon, Hagatha being their sister was simply conjecture on Derek's part.
  • But it was not alluded to in any of the official games, unlike the Black Cloak Society.
  • King's Questions is an 'official game'.

    But on the other hand, non of the 'adventure' games contradict it either!

    They neither say either way about her (a sister or not a sister)!

    Roberta 'refuted' it after she left Sierra, and in a non-official medium... So kinda puts things into question even more! Maybe it was something she supported a long time ago, but just kinda forgot about in time...

    Like the Black Cloaks.

    Peter Spear, claims she helped him prepare the KQ5 portions of the book,much of the idea was introduced in the KQ5 focused version of the companion (King's Quest Companion, 2nd Edition), and gave him her 'ok'. She also helped with the first edition and gave that her blessing as well! Note that some of this material made its way back into her newly adapted script for KQ5 NES! It also influeced some othe material in the original release of KQ5 and the manual.

    I don't think he's a liar!

    Roberta claimed the Companion was the definitive source of information on backstories of the King's Quest World and characters...

    I don't think she was lieing at that point either!

    It's fascinating if you listen to Roberta's interviews sometimes, she even forgets some of the stuff she was going to add into games, but never did! For example she forgot about some of the content that was going to be in the first or second build of KQ8, and Mark Seibert had to remind her! LIke she forgot about the leprechaun/red cap goblin, and even some of the underwater content they were working on!
  • It's not a game made as part of the series. It's a trivia game. It's a little outside the scope of what is considered canon, in my opinion.

    But whatever, I don't really care enough to...uh, care.
  • I don't think 'sierra' really defined a 'canon'... officially! Seriously the closest you get to it, is Roberta saying something to the effect that blah blah, was "the definitive source of KQ history and backstories" :p..

    I don't remember that term ever coming up in any discussions! ...and frankly there are alot of contradictions, between even the official sources on various details! Too the point, that I don't think anyone cared too much on 'consistency' issues! Just look at how Daventry and the castle were reinterpreted throughout the series!

    There is a disconnect between the KQ2 and the KQ2 manual! Likewise to similar issue between KQ1 manual and the original KQ1.

    The KQ4 manual important to the game, leaves out quite a bit of important information, and kinda rewrites some of the details shown in KQ3 for example! If you took it for granted, you'd never know Alexander was kidnapped!

    There are also some continuity differences between the end of KQ3 and the start of KQ4!

    Also in interviews, there are a few times where she basically claims that she wrote the stories as she went, based on whims of what interested her at any given time! This is large reason why the games feel so 'stand alone' for the most part.

    She might have had some kinda 'bible' for character backstories, but I don't think it was that greatly detailed! Not to the level that she could change things, if it was more interesting for her story, or simplified things of the story required it!
  • I don't think Peter Spear's a liar, but I bet "Roberta Helping him out" went something like this.....


    Roberta! Hi! I wrote this section here, and.....

    Roberta is busy counting a GIANT STACK OF MONEY, and talking on a large CELLULAR PHONE.

    Peter.....(points to phone).... busy.

    Okay, 'berta! I mean,'am. But, I wrote this thing about Hagatha and....

    (Still counting GIANT PILE OF MONEY)
    That's fine, whatever.

    She waves him on with a wave of her hand. He nods, eagarly.

    Thank you! Thank you so much!

    He waddles out of the room. She finally hangs up the phone.

    I wonder what he wanted? Oh, well. I'm going to buy me a gold plated toilet, that's what I'm going to do.

    She picks up her pile of money, and leaves.


  • Wasn't that one of the deleted scenes from TSL?
  • Lambonius;542184 said:
    Wasn't that one of the deleted scenes from TSL?
    It was going to show up in one of the later chapters we had to cut.
  • That must have been the same discussion Roberta had with Jane Jensen too, when it came to the Black Cloaks!

    Oh man just thinking do you remember the cell phones back in 1989 (when first edition was published)? Must have been pretty big!

  • Ok, wow, this is artwork from the The Golden Goose Book, by L. Leslie Brooke (1905)., this is Simpleton from the story.


    Also check this out from the story Rosanella in the Green Fairy Book (which was the inspiration for Rosella and Valanice);
    Everybody knows that though the fairies live hundreds of years they do sometimes die, and especially as they are obliged to pass one day in every week under the form of some animal, when of course they are liable to accident. It was in this way that death once overtook the Queen of the Fairies, and it became necessary to call a general assembly to elect a new sovereign.
    So the form of an animal thing, is another Andrew Lang fairy tale reference. Go figure!
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