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Steam Sale Spotlight

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Hereupon exists a place to discuss current Steam Spotlight deals and your opinion of the games' value and/or the sale price.
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  • All you need is Warband. Really. WFaS is the most recent but Warband is still priced the highest. That should be an indicator for you.
  • Darth Marsden;542919 said:
    Ah, thanks for mentioning that. Completely forgot it, since I (and, I estimate, 97% of people with Steam) already own it.

    Out of curiosity, do you know if it's 'free-to-play for a couple days' or 'free forever, but you have to grab it during the next few days'?
    I was one of the few that didn't have it I guess. I try to not get tempted with anything that has first person camera views as I get violently ill fairly fast, but it was free. As far as I can tell it's free for good, but there really isn't any info I've seen on it other than the "download for free" links at
  • we will see. I linked the site to a friend that did not have Portal yet. And she was happy.
    So thanks for linking that here yesterday.
  • Indeed, I didn't have Portal either and I'm always happy to get games for free.
  • Wow. That's me and my '90% of the universe owns Portal' theory dead in the water. Thanks guys. :rolleyes:
  • Also, it's not "free to play for a couple days". For one, Valve has stated that it's add to your account and keep. For another, the "free to play for a few days" games are automatically added to your Library, as opposed to the "Free for a couple days to keep forever" promos. For singleplayer games, free to play for X days promos just don't make sense.
  • Today's daily deal is a classic: The Whispered World
    Really good adventure game with a compelling story. I love this game mainly because there is such a great array of dialogue in it. Pretty much any item-to-item and item-to-world object combination has a unique response, and most of those lines are really funny.
    I also love the difficulty and overall feel of it. It's challenging and definitely worth the purchase in my opinion.

    Right now it's off 75% for €5/$5 (same price is listed on Steamprices).
    And it's £3,75 if anyone actually gives a damn about that...

    And the Paradox thingie has Magicka for 75% off too. (€2,49/$2,49 or £1,99)

    Whole Magicka Package: €6,24, $6,24 or £4,24
  • EDIT: Gah! Ninja'd! Curse you, caeska! Curse you!

    Today's Daily Deal is The Whispered World. A brilliant adventure game, it's an absolute steal at £3.75 / $5. I urge all who don't already own it and are fans of the genre to snap it up immediately.

    Today's Paradox Price-Cut is the Magicka series. Lot to get through here, so bear with me.

    Magicka (Original Game): £1.99 / $2.49
    Magicka - Vietnam: 87p / $1.44
    Final Frontier: 49p / 74c
    Frozen Lake: 39p / 49c
    Marshlands: 44p / 49c
    Nippon: 14p / 24c
    Party Robes: 39p / 49c
    The Watchtower: 39p / 49c
    Wizard's Survival Kit: 14p / 24c

    Magicka Collection (all of the above): £4.24 / $6.24

    There's also a new Magicka release that's not on offer, but kinda cool - the Magicka: Gamer Bundle, which is three new robes (completer with gear) inspired by games the development team liked. The Zombine one is weird, but my favourite is the Purple Tentacle one. You really need to go check it out, it's hilarious.
  • I would so love to buy Magicka but I cannot play it on my PC.
    Also the amount of DLC for the game really puzzles me. Also the purple tentacle costume is wonderful.

    What I thought of TWW can be read in this forum.
    I would still highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't have it.
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