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Talk Like a Pirate Day

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Ahoy, fellow buccaneers and landlubbers! Tommorrrow be Talk Like a Pirate Day! (Or possibly today, for those with the right time zone.)
Happy plundering, an' don't ye be drinking too much grog, har har har!
If ye be needin' any guidance on how to talk like a pirate, (I probably need this,) as the Dread Pirate Bloodnose would say, the audio books-on-parrot are the key. All the key phrases are in there! "Blow the man down." "Shiver me timbers." "Who's a pretty bird?" All the phrases a pirate needs to command respect on the high-seas! (You can also look in the internet.)
(If ye be having any other favourite Monkey Island Quotes, post 'em here!
EDIT: But only if you have something else to say as well!)
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