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King's Quest V vs. King's Quest VI

posted by Anakin Skywalker on - last edited - Viewed by 2.9K users
It seems that among the fanbase there is a divide, with one side generally feeling that KQVI (and the direction it represents) is the way the series should go, and the other feeling the same about KQV.

So I wanted to put them up against each other, get some discussion. Can be about any aspect of the game: Graphics, music, characters, story, world(s), etc--Any and all aspects of both games put up against each other.
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  • GuybrushWilco;543158 said:
    I'd agree that it does feel a little more more little kidsy than KQV though.
    Really? The general consensus would be the opposite.
  • Personally, I wouldn't say the voice acting in KQ6 was 'boring'... Not boring at all...

    I wouldn't find the KQ5 voice acting 'boring' either...
  • I have yet to play KQ5 without the voices. One might say that I'd been caught up in the fad to not like it overall, but the truth is really I do not like the animals' voice-acting at all in KQ5.

    Also, when I first played KQ5, I got frustrated with getting lost in the maze under Mordack's castle (yes, yes... always walk right. but there's nothing to indicate that.) And I got stuck first time through without the cheese, same as Paw on his LP. It's one thing to forget River Styx water when the spellbook calls for it, but to miss picking up cheese from an inconspicuous hole when I need it to power a magic-transfer machine is just nonsensical. There's no hint anywhere that it would need that.

    I like the characters of KQ6. I recall checking the bookstore frequently to see if Jollo would show up. I remember laughing with my neighbor as we watched the swamp-ooze-get and "magic smap" sequences. I also like the story, as it's easier to get invested in than KQ5.

    The puzzles of KQ6 also make much more sense. If I ever couldn't figure something out and, impatiently, resorted to an FAQ/walkthru, I would feel stupid for not having tried that. Conversely, my reaction to looking up the solution to the cheese machine puzzle was "wth?!?"

    ...perhaps if I play KQ5 without the voices, I'll like it better.
  • Personally I like the original script for KQ5 over the ad-libbed cd voiceovers.
  • I should say that I first played the EGA floppy version of KQ5 without voices when I was a kid. Therein lies my fondest memories.
  • der_ketzer;542905 said:
    Most people will say that Cedric is annoying but I think the bookstore-guy from KQ6 is a lot worse.
    Dude, are you dissing Scooby-Doo/Droopy/Boo Boo Bear himself?
    der_ketzer;542905 said:
    And if I ever have to hear that "Alexander pulls out his magic map" line from that narrator again I'm going to punch my speakers.
    And now you're dissing Flint from GI Joe?!

    That does it. You, my friend...are clearly not as obsessed with voice acting legends as I am. But if you say anything negative about Tony Jay, I'll write a MUCH more strongly-worded post! :P
  • I prefer KQ5 purely because of nostalgia - it was the first King's Quest title I ever played. I just love the setting/atmosphere.

    But I acknowledge that in terms of writing and design, KQ6 is way ahead of it. It's a lot more fleshed out and doesn't give you nearly as much grief for the tiniest of mistakes. If a non-fan of the series asks me which one to play first, this is the one I recommend.

    About the voice-overs, never cared much for them in either game. KQ5 had some pretty bad ones, but KQ6 did too.
  • doggans;543367 said:
    Dude, are you dissing Scooby-Doo/Droopy/Boo Boo Bear himself?
    doggans;543367 said:
    And now you're dissing Flint from GI Joe?!
    Oh yes!
  • *sigh* No respect for the legends of the past.

    //24 year old curmudgeon :P
  • I think the deciding factor here is nostalgia, more often than not... in my case, that's probably the case as I find myself enjoying them about equally, though in different ways.
    I suspect it's because I feel more nostalgic about Kings Quest 5, as I was really young when I played that one and so I played it for very long.

    However, when looking at the games as 'objectively' as I can, I'd have to say I think Kings Quest 6 is the better game... it just seems much more thought out and well designed. The storyline definitely is much better and more interesting, KQ5 is like the previous games that really were mainly simple treasure hunts and not something primarily played for engaging storylines.

    I guess that's maybe why many people prefer Kings Quest 5, as even if we had all agreed Kings Quest 6 is the better game, Kings Quest 5 is still undoubtably the most traditional Kings Quest type of game.
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