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Star Trek discussion

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There is a thread about Star Wars, so I'm creating one about Star Trek.
Anything Star Trek, not just games.

First, I've been looking around for downloadable Star Trek games to no avail. It would seem that I'm not the best at taking care of my old PC game media, and as such am not able to readily locate my Armada, Armada II, Away Team or A Final Unity CDs.

Fortunately, I often made disc images of games that I own, but it still would be rather nice if I could buy these online, or to expand my library with such as Starfleet Command or Bridge Commander.
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  • doodo!;543816 said:
    a lot of old school Trek fans didn't enjoy it.
    Such as?
    Friar;543810 said:
    I loved it. (Although not as much as I liked [...] the one with the refugees.)
    Which one is that? Generations? Insurrection? The Final Frontier? Wrath of Khan?

    Only one of these has "refugees" in it, but they play such a small part in the overall movie that I'm confused.
  • Chyron8472;543820 said:
    Such as?
    Um...lots of people, but you wouldn't know any of them and I don't talk about them because that would be mean.


  • Chyron8472;543820 said:
    Such as?

    But my friend, couldn't I ask the same thing, I could say some random guy in the theater said I've been a star trek fan all my life (assuming I didn't make it up to argue) and I loved this movie, it's better than Wrath of Khan, hot damn..

    Wouldn't really add anything. I mean it's implied, the truth, the real truth about reality? Arguing is logically flawed. I know that sounds stupid, BS, but it's more or less true for most things, especial simple things like a movie where opinions aren't unified even though they aren't really divided.

    It's implied people like the movie, people don't, if it weren't implied we'd all be exactly the same. :)
  • Chyron8472;543820 said:
    Such as?

    Which one is that? Generations? Insurrection? The Final Frontier? Wrath of Khan?

    Only one of these has "refugees" in it, but they play such a small part in the overall movie that I'm confused.
    "Such as?" Doodo. :P
    Insurrection. Where the enterprise interfere with the planned movement of a small civilization and they all turn into refugees trudging through the countryside. Then worf goes through puberty.

    And Generations holds a special place in my heart for being the first piece of star trek I ever saw.
  • Does it really matter? My family doesn't like it that much, Trekkie, can quote the episodes and knows all the trivia and he's pretty involved, and then my brother another Trekkie doesn't like it. But my sister and my other brother do, and so does my mother who is a Trekkie herself .

    But, it's the same type of argument as :

    A. This is not a ufo, it's some jewish kid's frisbee
    B. Prove it
    C. can't...

    See what I mean, it's just two sets of opinions to one issue that don't ultimately prove anything. So arguments of this nature are really just designed to share an opinion.

    I'm sure people enjoy it, but my brother a Trekkie doesn't, my father is sort of meh about it. And I am a some what Trekkie, not enough to be tried , but enjoy TOS and other series and movies.

    I like lots of traditions or like alot of things to be pure, original, there in lies my own personal opinions, which don't even really exist as if I thought about them, I soon realize how dumb it is to argue something that is in this world with multiple different opinions, perspectives.

    BUT, morals are different I don't compromise those, but a movie? I just ranted for fun, I was bored...
  • In case that post was directed at me: I don't really care whether you like it or not (well, it's interesting to hear what you have to say, but it doesn't matter.) I like it, and as long as enough people like it to get a sequel or two going, I'm happy!

    My post ""Such as?" Doodo. :P" was just me being smart-arsey and naming you as one such disliker.

    I'll leave this here.
  • Yes, well if everyone was cool with that no one would be needy, insecure with subjects like this or argue silly things. But, I suppose if you're into Star Wars, Bluray could still rightfully piss people off.
  • doodo!;543833 said:
    I soon realize how dumb it is to argue something that is in this world with multiple different opinions, perspectives.
    What is the point of conversation then?

    Debate, even pointless heated debate with no foreseeable resolution, is part of having relationships with other people. If all we ever said about things was: A:"Hey, check this out." B:"Okay." A:"Do you like it?" B:"No." A:"Why not?" B:"It doesn't matter/I don't want to talk about it/It's only my opinion so who cares"... well, then life would be rather dull and boring.

    Take Dashing, for example. He knows what he likes, and is adamant about maintaining his point of view. If all he ever said about BTTF (for example) was "It sucks, but it's only my opinion so who cares why you should agree with me?" then that would be the end of the conversation. The same can be said for why he thinks every MI2 is the best Monkey Island game and CMI is crap. It's not that I agree with him, but at least I get to know the man the more he talks about his position and why he feels the way he does.

    This is called getting to know someone. Debate and arguement are important parts of developing friendships. Without it, how can anyone really be sure how someone truthfully feels about a certain issue if they don't ever get emotionally invested in defending their position, and why should anyone care what anyone else has to say if no one's opinion means enough to argue about?

    People argue. That's part of life. It's part of getting to know other people, and expanding ones understanding of the thoughts and feelings of those around them.
  • This is why it bothers me for people to say "It's just an opinion so why argue." If my opinion doesn't matter enough for you to argue with me about it, and your opinion doesn't matter enough for me to argue with you about it, then why do we bother to talk at all?

    I'm not saying we shouldn't talk, I'm saying we should and that people who say opinions don't matter enough to argue about have no concept of what having a relationship really means.
  • Thanks for sharing with me. Still, I think we could respect one another opinions. But I was immature just our of boredom, and there you have it. We have a strange sense of amusement.
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