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Complaint to Telltale forum mods

posted by daro2096 on - last edited - Viewed by 976 users
I would just like to complain to the mods here who decided to ban me for a week without a chance to defend myself.

1. I was not suggesting piracy. I was replying to someone who brought Flight of the Amazon Queen for Ipad. I was pointing out that you can get this game free because wait for it... ITS PUBLIC DOMAIN. It is available on the Scummvm website. The OWNERS of said game have released it into the PUBLIC DOMAIN.


Is it forum policy to just ban a member without warning said member that they are breaking the rules or are you mods just thick?
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  • Hi Daro,

    I didn't see your sig so I'm not sure on that issue but it looks like you were banned for suggesting piracy in this thread. I've gone through every post in that thread and don't see a public mention of Flight of the Amazon Queen so if you were replying to someone about that game it was not at all clear.
  • Well since a mod deleted that comment(if indeed I did made a comment in that thread) I can't really say if I said anything at all because I can not remember.

    I mean how can "you can get it for free" be considered suggesting piracy?

    Even if it was Sam and Max hit the road it doesn't matter. I mean the comment was deleted so I can't even defend myself.

    Even in a court of law I would be allowed to defend myself first before punishment. Here I got banned first. Talk about guilty until proven innocent.

    Whilst banned I could not even contact a mod the whole damn forum was locked out to me. The only way I could view the forum was to log out.

    Your forum policities need updating. How about a sticky on forum rules, huh? A read this first before posting sticky?
  • daro2096;544023 said:
    Except it wasn't. I can see all the messages in every thread, even the deleted ones. I can see exactly where you posted the message.
  • I think this may have been the comment that resulted in a ban... Talking about Sam and Max Hit the Road
    daro2096;544023 said:
    You can get it for nothing if you know where to look.
    While you may at first think that was an innocent comment, after all you provided no links and that game isnt even by TTG... BUT Lucasarts is a TTG partner.

    I was not the Mod who banned you but I support the decision... take the temp ban learn a lesson from it and let it go... there are not a whole lot of rules on these boards.... we allow all sorts of silly shenanigans and topic derailments... things you can not get away with on other boards... so just respect others here and follow the relaxed rules we have and enjoy your stay.

    There is no reason to make anymore of it than it already is.
  • Please put up a sticky explaining Forum house rules.

    Oh and I think a warning should have sufficed for a first time offense.

    How long ago did I make that comment because honestly I can't remember. I am sure I posted in that other thread too.
  • If I was suggesting piracy I would have posted the link for it.

    I mean come on now mods have some common sense.

    I have a confession to make. I downloaded Sam and Max season 1 off the internet before I brought it here. I didn't have to do that.
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