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Which games are you currently playing?

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basically name a game or more that you are currently playing (or have been recently) and say what you think of it.

Prince of Persia (newest): It is OK, not as good as the last 3, the removal of death as a deterrent is irritating, I wish they had not done it, it seems like a way to appeal to "casuals". I think the combat is dry and repetitive also.

Smash Bros:brawl: Overall an excellent game, however a lot of the mechanics from melee worked better in my opinion

Halo Wars: the best RTS I have played on a console, over simplified compared to PC ones, although that is to be expected. It is a pity Ensemble don't exist anymore
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  • Just started GREED: Black Border an okay futuristic Diablo like game, but in terms of story, level and monster variety there is not much. But an okay little game if you like Diablo, good music and graphics.

    Also trying Age of Conan, so far I am not impressed.
  • Mostly playing Dead Island and From Dust right now. However, I do get in some Madden from time to time. Still playing 11' though. Didn't really see much need to get the new one.
  • Scnew;543032 said:
    After playing through Machinarium (good!) and Teen Agent (not so good! but free on I'm continuing to play through my huge adventure game backlog by working on Simon the Sorcerer.
    I've been "playing" Simon as well, but I got stuck about 2 months ago and haven't started it up again since. The game world is a bit annoying and confusing to traverse.
  • Just got my hands on the LittleBigPlanet GOTY Edition. Even if you already have the regular version (which you certainly should if for no other reason than it was free in June), this might be worth getting if you can get it or rent it cheap or free - I got mine from the library. It includes some extra costumes, all the Metal Gear Solid levels, and 18 "exclusive" community levels with video introductions by the creators.

    The 3 "community" levels I've played so far are outstanding. Very long and diverse, lots of attention to detail paid, effort put into giving them "narratives". Some of the creator names I recognize from having played their other levels online, where these levels could not be found. If I were to rank all of the levels I've played, these 3 would probably all be in the top 10, with one of them likely being the very best.

    Haven't even touched the Metal Gear levels yet.
  • Now that I have completed Sam & Max Season 3, I am on to Back to the Future.
  • VeronicanPlay;546024 said:
    Now that I have completed Sam & Max Season 3, I am on to Back to the Future.
    God help you if you are playing BTTF for the puzzles.
  • Took a break from Assassin's Creed to play DJ Hero 2. It's...different. It's harder than any other rhythm game I've played so far, but I'm kind of liking it.

    As for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, there's only one memory between me and 100% synchronization. Unfortunately, it's the last War Machines memory, and the 100% condition is to not take damage while in the tank. I've had to restart the memory more than any other. Once I finish it, I might go back to the Lairs of Romulus to collect the last couple Borgia Flags, or since I already have the Auditore Cape anyway, I might just skip it and go straight to The Da Vinci Disappearance.
  • Gman5852;546031 said:
    God help you if you are playing BTTF for the puzzles.
    No I have read all the bad things about the puzzles, I am going to play for story and because I have bought them. :p
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