A Kauff and Gustav game

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Does anyone still remember Kauff and Gustav, a couple of monkeyologists? Well, I've found out about a game project related to them. It's going to have a totally crazy story and a graphic style somewhere between CMI and DOTT (as far as I know). Currently we can check out some character sketches.


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    Oh wow, I love those screenshots...I am once again suprised.
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    Woah, Kauffs' hair is lookin' preeeetty nice :)
    haha looks amazing
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    Well, since everybody knows about this already... We might as well show you some sneak-peeks.

    Cartoon character design by: MonkeyMania
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    Wow, awesome! I can't wait for this.
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    Okay, guys... time for an official update:

    The Story is 95% done. Needs a few tweaks here and there.

    The Music is...well, I already know what to compose. Let's say, music is 50% done (the other half is the actual recording-of-the-themes).

    Okay, these are all blah-blahs, animations, casting voice actors, interface, background artist etc....
    Main idea: The basics are almost ready. Everything is set, I am ready to start putting everything together and actually make the game.

    Trouble is... I'm stuck. I need someone who has the patience to make some walking-cycles animations.
    That is all I need to get this going.
    Four walk cycles, two for each main character. Front and back.

    If anyone can help, that would be awesome. Reply to this thread, please, and I will send you the original/good quality files to start with.
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    Good to see this is still in production, some of the greatest Writing I've ever done with Andrei.
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    Sooooo, nobody? :D
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    can't wait to play the game starring my good friend dr. kauff ^_^
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    So this is back on? Count me (still) in! :D
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    The one guy looks like Marc from Marcs...
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    Aaaand update!

    Demo is just around the corner.

    Important question!!

    This is vital for the next months of development.
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    PS: Need any voice actors? :D
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    Sure I do :) But not now...

    If you could help (or know anyone who can help) with the backgrounds... it would be great!

    We have an expert in animations and she's doing a fantastic job! I can take care of everything else, except those backgrounds.

    Thanks for voting, it seems that people really know what they want, haha!

    Anything you'd like to see in the demo? Don't ask for much, I'd rather save the energy for the game itself :P
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    I could try to help! :p
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    For all those who haven´t recognize yet: The demo is launched!!! Yay!

    You can download it here: http://silverwolfpet.com/ask-a-monkeyologist-the-game/
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    I am going to play the game later. Thanks for sharing. What happened? News quiet, the artists must be busy. Always a quality product...can't wait.
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    Well, we all ARE very busy. xD
    So it´s a little wonder that we managed to release the demo this century! :D
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