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That's it! I'm done with EA!

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I'll keep this brief.

I was banned from posting in The Sims 3 forums because I criticized their developers over what happened a few days ago when their Demo corrupted saved data from the main base game.

In my appeal, I discovered that the ban was because the developers didn't like my comment. That's right, I was banned for criticizing the developers. I even asked about the other people out there who did the exact same thing I did, only using harsher language. They got banned as well.

So, yeah, I can't post information or help other users out by pointing them to a bug report thread because I'm banned for criticizing their developers.

I seriously doubt TTG--any other developer for that matter--would do that.

EDIT: Oh, now this is just great. I now discovered that my ban isn't limited to The Sims 3. It's the entire EA library. My log-in cannot access my accounts on or even the EA Store itself. I can only access their Customer Service area with no restrictions. Everywhere else, I'm been banned from even looking at the site as a member/user!

That's... urgh...
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  • Yeah. Spore was my oasis in this whole mess because I loved the creature editor and how powerful it is. I loved pushing it to its limits or check out other players creations in it. I found out about this extension on my ban when I attempted to boot Spore just now and it said that it couldn't find the e-mail associated to my account. I checked the website and sure enough, I got the "you are banned" message when I attempted to log in. :(

    I guess I'll go back to RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 for my creative game fixes, since I can't run "From Dust" on my PC.
  • Now if you do want to take this further, I suggest a letter writing or Twitter campaign. Nothing starts an apology faster than a PR nightmare. I got booted off the Sims and Spore, as well, and I don't even use their forums. Spore stopped working for me earlier this year, and Sims 3 messed up my Mac.
  • You might need some screens to make an impact. If it's too late because the topic where you criticized them was removed, you can get someone else to sock puppet for you some similar critique and see if they get banned.

    I can do it since I haven't used my EA account in years. Let me know what you decide to do.
  • I'm not one to start a PR nightmare, be it on twitter or in a letter writing campaign.

    Even if I was that type, the evidence I have is only a transcript with their Customer Service rep. And their CS team has a nasty reputation of not knowing what they are talking about. In fact, this past summer, they got in trouble for generating too many coupons for xx% off Origins purchases as a way to address customer issues.

    But that transcript does say the following:
    Me: So let me see if I'm understanding this correctly. You're saying that I can go on the forums all I want and say that the EA programmers don't know what they are doing, lazy, don't bug test their products, etc. and not get banned for those comments. But saying "They're all a bunch of idiots anyays..." is a bannable offence?
    Me: Can you please explain what Rule of Conduct in the Terms of Service that falls under?

    Smarika: Friend this is the decision of game developers that they don't want even these sentences on forums so you are banned/

    Me: So they will allow comments about how players feel how poorly a game has been developed, sometimes using some harsh language, and not get banned for it. Meanwhile a statement I made in a similar context is okay to ban?

    Smarika: I apologize but you are not allowed to post on forums like this for developers.

    Me: People have been posting like that since the other day when the Create-a-Pets demo was released, calling the developers lazy, among other things. Yet they were not banned. I still don't understand why my comment was flagged as a Terms of Service violation if that kind of conduct was happening and not being policed a few days ago when it was at its peak.

    Smarika: Even they are banned also.

    Me: So what you are saying is that I'm not allowed to criticize the developers. Is that correct?

    Smarika: That developers wan.
    Smarika: wan
    Smarika: want

    Me: But if I criticize the developers, there's a chance I'll get banned because they don't want to see those comments on the forums. Correct?

    Smarika: That's their decision to take action.
    That right there pretty much confirms that if you criticize the developers and they don't like it, there's a chance they can ban you for it.
  • I don't understand EA in the lease..I would take a hard look under their EULA and Their Forum Guidelines. I think the restriction of your game library is a tad too far. IMHO.

    Even if you are banned on the forums here you still have access to your games.
  • Their EULA is one of those "all or nothing" agreements from what I read yesterday. Over and over again, the TOS stated that EA has the right to do this and that. And their wording suggests that it doesn't matter if you broke a rule on Spore, The Sims, or Battlefield side of the site. If you have an account with EA that they can ban, it will affect all the games you play with that account.

    And since they merged all those account into one prior to Origins release... Yeah.

    Interesting thing I did find in the EULA as far as your online account goes: EA also has the right to delete your account and not tell you why. They do state that there's a 2 year window of inactivity to warrant an auto-delete, but between now and when that 2 year inactivity starts? They can kill your account and not tell you why.
  • Didn't this happen on the Bioware forums? People were criticising Dragon Age 2(Not surprised honestly, that game was a rushed mess) and they got banned from the forum and their entire library. It drew quite a lot of internet attention though, so EA eventually unbanned them.
  • More like EA's done with you, as it seems.
  • Rawr;545107 said:
    Didn't this happen on the Bioware forums? People were criticising Dragon Age 2(Not surprised honestly, that game was a rushed mess) and they got banned from the forum and their entire library. It drew quite a lot of internet attention though, so EA eventually unbanned them.
    If it did, then I had no idea a similar case happened. Then again, I had no idea was an EA product, so that shows how much I've been paying attention to their game library.

    You wouldn't happen to have a link to said internet attention, would you? Like on a Dragon Age fan site or something?
    MusicallyInspired;545109 said:
    More like EA's done with you, as it seems.
    Honestly, that wouldn't surprise me given the "We can delete your account for violating the TOS and not tell you about it" clause.
  • I'm not a fan of EA either. Some of their products are nice (Harry Potter 1 & 2 come to mind), but I certainly don't like EA itself.
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