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Whats up with both Puzzle agent games?

posted by Leplaya on - last edited - Viewed by 235 users
I am having a bit of technical difficulties with both Puzzle agent games on my Ipod touch. I'll start with the second one first. I dont know if its my ipod or the game itself but this is what usually happens when I play the beginning of the game. I finish the first puzzle but then all of a sudden some dialogue is delayed. And then after a few minutes or so it freezes and it then closes down the game.

The first Puzzle agent has a few glitches. One of which in the beginning cutscene(which you see the astronaut. There is a line going down, and it happens right when u hear the writing noise. Its gone after Nelson's eyes look up at the astronaut). Also, at times the game takes awhile for the next cutscene to pass. One of which is when you beat the final puzzle.

Anyone know how I can fix these?
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