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Which games are you currently playing?

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basically name a game or more that you are currently playing (or have been recently) and say what you think of it.

Prince of Persia (newest): It is OK, not as good as the last 3, the removal of death as a deterrent is irritating, I wish they had not done it, it seems like a way to appeal to "casuals". I think the combat is dry and repetitive also.

Smash Bros:brawl: Overall an excellent game, however a lot of the mechanics from melee worked better in my opinion

Halo Wars: the best RTS I have played on a console, over simplified compared to PC ones, although that is to be expected. It is a pity Ensemble don't exist anymore
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  • Playing some more "The Binding of Isaac" today.

    Awesome game.

    I've been playing it soley for hours and hours.

    Beat the final, final boss now.

    Not horribly difficult since I had some very good powerups.

    I think what makes the game so great is that it has the accessibility of Zelda and the randomness of games like Rogue.

    Its kind of like Star Fox 64, in the sense thats its a great game to sit down and play for a few hours at a time.

    It is hard though. No joke.

    Not hard in the cheap instagib way, but its hard to survive in the long-term.

    You have to really learn the enemy patterns, preserve your keys and bombs, and just get very, very lucky! XD
  • RetroVortex;547071 said:
    Playing some more "The Binding of Isaac" today.

    Awesome game.
    Agreed. I finally unlocked Chapter 4 today.:D
  • Quackshot for the Sega Genesis.
  • Also what I don't get about "The Binding of Isaac", is how some people are like:


    When its very clear that thats THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE GAME!!

    Its supposed to be hard, if you suck so badly at the game, then go back to playing your barbie and petz games.


    If your face is like the above when you lose the game, then this game is not for you.

    If not, then remember:

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but only to get snapshots for what I'm working on right now. Also Rock Band 3, because I drum sometimes to blow off steam. And tonight I'm going to play Portal 2.
    supmandude85;547074 said:
    Quackshot for the Sega Genesis.
    I haven't played that in forever. I should have another go at it sometime.
  • Back to "playing" RTC3. I forgot how much fun it is to design coasters.
  • Still playing Planescape: Torment because I made a mistake early on and pissed off some people that I really needed to keep talking to me so that I could finish some quests. Sooo....I had to redo about five hours of gameplay to get one essential item.

    I think I understand the complaints about dead ends in the King's Quest forum now (though technically I could have just killed all the people who refused to talk to me in order to move on...but so much lost XP!).
  • corruptbiggins;547121 said:
    Woo! I love that game.

    I wish I was playing it right now.
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