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Foods that have no carbs

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One of my friends is on the Atkins diet, a diet that relies on eating foods that have no carbs. Now I know people are agaisnt this(some of them anyways) are agaisnt this. But does anyone know any foods that have no carbs? I know meat is one of them. Its just that I'm throwing a party and I want to be sure what foods have no carbs so he can have something to snack on.
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  • I have heard that the South Beach Diet is far better for you than the Atkins Diet.
  • As a diabetic, I basically need to know how much carbohydrates are in every dish I have. Therefore, I might be able to help here.
    Most cheese does not contain any carbohydrates. If there are any, they come from some materials that are added for preservation. Many vegetables have little carb content too - I know of lettuce, cabbage, (I think,) spinach, cucumbers and marrows. (The latter two have an insignificant amount.)
    If I remember anything else later, I will post it here.
  • Ribs;546524 said:
    Who read this as 'crabs'?
  • My friend once tried a carb cycling diet, and found it was more effective than Atkins. If this is a diet to lose weight you'll find yourself losing it very slowly because your body not getting enough carbs will make it go into some kind of "shut down starvation mode" in which it will preserve as much as it can and not burn practically anything. Hence why some people prefer to go with the carb cycling.

    On the days of low carbs she ate a lot of eggs and cottage cheese. I think there's some protein bars out there with very low carbs and high proteins but I heard those are really nasty. :T
  • Ribs;546524 said:
    Who read this as 'crabs'?

    No, that's the sea food diet, where you s-

    No, I shall resist repeating that joke. I shall resist....
  • Dust?

    Sorry. I hate myself for bringing up little britain.
  • Do crabs have carbs?

    Seriously, just ask him what he likes that he can snack on, or if he's not allowed to snack.
  • Don't eat processed stuff that's labeled "low carb". They tend to have hidden carbs and are generally worse for you. Especially that "Dreamfield Pasta". Ugg. Just go for spaghetti squash instead. It's super neato. Or that tofu pasta stuff.

    Nitrate free bacon is pretty cool. Eggs are cool also. Avacados are great for this purpose. Lots of veggies are fantastic. Remember, fiber carbs are great because you can't digest it and it cleans out your colons. I like pork rinds. They're cool.

    CHEEEEEESE. Turkish yogurt is also good. Peanut butter is good, but in moderation. Almond butter is better. Almonds in general are pretty good. If you want to have the feeling of breaded meat, you can crush up almonds and bread the chicken with it. That stuff is pretty great even in the eyes of pro chefs. You can't be afraid of fat. Make sure you/your friend drinks plenty of liquids though.

    Tomatoes and onions are generally okay which would be pretty cool for something like bean-less chili or meatballs in red sauce. When you're craving something dessert-ish, a bit of fruit with cream is generally okay in moderation. Dark chocolate can be pretty cool too.

    Hm... I can't think of much else right now.
  • Ummm....everything I eat has carbs, I think. In any case, the only supposed "dieting" I've ever done is based off of occasionally forgetting to eat and also being too lazy to cook. Though I will add that chili is really great and as far as I know is almost entirely protein and vegetables provided you don't have bread with it.
  • You have to be really careful on those... "Cut this one thing out of your diet" diets. Our bodies sort of NEED a well balanced diet to function properly..
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