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Create your own Take Two with Phineas and Ferb Episode/Guest

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(Episode and Guest should mean same)

Title says it.

Use this format.
Background Info:_________________________________________________________
Rating (For example, TV-G, those stuff):_____

You may NOT rate episodes 1/10.

Let's Start!

Guest: Johnny Depp
Description: Phineas, Ferb, and johnny depp talk about moives and Rango the lizard.
Background Info: unkown
Rating: TV-G
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  • Guest:J.k Rowling
    Description. phineas and ferb talk to j.k rowking about the harry potter books and movies and invent stuff from the movies (such as bloomsticks and magic wands)
    Background Info. unknown
    Rating. tv-g
  • Guest: Ernie Hudson
    Description. phineas and ferb talk to ernie about oz and they come to a mutual agreement is the most horrifying thing they have ever seen
    Background Info. unknown
    Rating. tv-g
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