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Why when experiencing life dos the brain function with certain brain waves? How does it select those types of waves, what is the process behind this? I heard it's chemical response? In a healthy brain scan, they know what to look for...these waves light up on a scan like Christmas day.

Could a brain function using different waves for different activities than our average human brain selects? Are these waves truly ideal, for experiences, for reality, for these activities they are tied to? Must it be that way?

Is the brain ultimately a receptor for the layers of reality that it filters? How accurate is it, is it all entirely objective? Is it the only form of experience, reading these layers? Is it true observation, do we make a true, indisputable connection to reality?

Do these waves make a true connection to "reality" are their similar receiving waves outside of our human bodies? What is the universe made up of? Are we connected? Is it a issue of dimension?...??
Do our bodies, minds, brains, make waves that are actually on the same level as the objective plains of reality, existence?

These brain waves, are only from a impartially working, developed brain. The true brain power, the true evolution, creation of brain isn't truly present.Ultimately, we may not be connected to a truer, more comprehensive form of reality.
YA response said:
Brain "waves" are a name given to phenomena that are observed when measuring the brain via electroencephalographs and similar technology. The overall rise and fall of electrical potentials in localized areas. Because they're easily observed, they are useful in correlating brain states and brain function. But you shouldn't confuse them with how the brain works.

Similarly, an experienced mechanic could use the sound an engine makes to diagnose how it is operating. But we wouldn't ascribe the sound waves with any sort of utility to the engine. You could say that brain waves are indications of an overall pattern of activity within the brain.

The activity pattern is driven primarily through neural activity. That activity is signalling by discharge of an electrichemical potential in the neurons and by neurotransmitters. The activity at this scale is much faster and more fine-grained than simple chemical responses. But hormones and other chemicals do produce system-wide changes in activity as well.

So I might read your question as "could a brain function using different overall patterns for activities than our average human brain does". My opinion is yes and no.

Yes, it's entirely conceivable that a brain could exist that uses radically different techniques to process and use information that our brains do. In such a sense, the brain waves would be very different.

But at the same time, such a brain is not going to pop into existence in a human. Just like all the engines that Ford puts in cars work just about the same way, all human brains appear to have certain overall processing techniques that are very conservative (even if we don't understand the details of how the processing works).
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  • PecanBlue;548252 said:
    Have I just been trolled? I'm a little confused as to whether I should be participating in a discussion where I'm being told my way of thinking is due to corruptive media. Please, someone enlighten me. 8^|
    I don't give a fck about you anymore.Leave me alone.
  • Oh good, question answered!
  • PecanBlue;548257 said:
    Oh good, question answered!
    If you had any insight, you wouldn't think that you were being trolled in a thread of personal musings, where all my views are the same in life over all, you really think I think you're that special to waste my time trolling you in my thread?

    I don't have time for musings anymore, all of you can go on living in this world and whatever the hell, I really don't care. It's not like any of you have a choice anymore.

    I really don't care anymore, it's a impossible situation, people like me are never happy...

    I don't care.
  • doodo!;548258 said:
    you really think I think you're that special to waste my time trolling you in my thread?
    You just did.

    Also, this:
    puzzlebox;544399 said:
    Doodo, no one has made a personal attack on you or gotten angry. This is a public forum - a place for discussion, not a soapbox. You've been sharing plenty of views and opinions in this thread, did you not expect others to post comments and questions about the ideas you're putting forward?

    If you want to share things on the internet without being questioned, I'd suggest setting up your own blog using a site like Blogger or WordPress, and disabling comments.
  • Over all , I don't know what to tell you, what are you looking? Why should I argue when I'm not mad, or even argue when I am mad? I don't know what you want from me at this point? I wasn't trolling, I really believe the things I type. I do believe in them. I don't make things up or troll people in my own thread, create alternative philosophies or musings just for that person unless I think there is something really interesting I can take from that and tie it back into my musings, or that I honestly might be onto something that is frustrating to debate and so I act in a way that is unacceptable, rude and insult people.

    It was just a way to stop further posts for a short time because I was angry and didn't have the strength to peacefully resolve it. When a musing person tries to have more answers, inspires to have more than he can combat, because people don't see things as he does or there is a communication barrier, even if the muser is right...there is usually a problem...

    I'm trying to shuffle alot here, even if I'm just another person trying to understand others, how the world works, all of that jazz, I'm dedicated to this and I'm devoted on many levels and in a way never fitting into reality, I'm looking at all of you as evidence if this world has any value, purpose.

    When I see certain things that bother me, upset me, I get angry, I feel all alone, as I sort of am, I have a large family, but we're not close and I'm sort of confused in life, most people say I'm weird to my face, which is sort of rude. In class the students, college mind you, say...

    " I don't like him, he's weird" Sign Language

    "He's so weird...." Spanish XD

    "He's so weird...." Math

    " What a strange person"....

    I don't know what you expect from me? Everyone is judging one another to some extent, what should I think about you? It's almost obvious how most people may see me, I don't see things the same way often. I'm not a social, popular type of person...

    I'm not as bad as I seem, I'm like all of you, I just don't want to settle for some of the things I would consider normal and expected. Some things just don't make sense to me and I argue the system. At the end of the day, XD my car is blowing up, randomly and the fire team and a electrical engineer can't think of a logical reason why, and then I get paranoid , regardless I'm obsessed.

    Maybe I'm even deranged, but I'm dedicated to this thread and trying to understand people. And I am human, I'm glad it shows, makes me relate-able no matter how strange people say I am.

    I imagine something I just said may have some how insulted you...
  • I was about to give up, call it off, my whole life I've been some sort of nit picker, observing us all, trying so hard with good intentions, some times those intentions misleading, not clear, getting me into trouble...Some times I'm just ignorant as a human is ignorant.

    Then DAISHI, did something for me, he called me a coward and a liar, and then I knew that this species does have some life to it.

    And, today in college I heard a student talking about the materialization of all designed goods in the economy, the clothes we wear, everything that is our illusion. As if some how the universe was just being kind to my ignorance once more, nodding to me, telling me, don't give up, don't loose faith in your species.

    He was talking about it, and no one else agreed with him or knew what he was talking about. And know what he says? He says he learned about it in college sociology. And that filled me with hope that some of you are actually getting this in your education.

    Is there some one out there looking out for us? Is there? Funny enough the topic in Spanish today was if professions are sculpted to your morals, which came second, another sort of topic I would have once looked at.

    The world may think I'm stupid, I don't even know why I exist, why this thread exists. I've see the paranormal, no doubt, my whole life I've been trying to reach out and every once in awhile my hand is softly grasped and people gently touch me, if you would, just to say, I understand. And it's not a negative energy, it's positive. People can still think, at least one student out of a class room of 25... I'll take one.

    Some of these concepts, philosophies of mine, energy and light being the same, light geometry, psychic energy, societal programming is now being examined in college. Or I am now aware of people existing who do this, but there was only one student who understood, one man.

    And my vibrational states are higher for that one person. Maybe everything is going to be alright, I can't stop now.
  • Dude, seriously, open a blog. It's free and there are more chances of people actually reading through all that. :) Besides, you can write anything you like there. No mods. ^.^
  • Oh, ok, maybe i will.
  • doodo!;548432 said:

    I thought Arthur Colman Winters was.
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