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[Poker Night] Problem with Video on ThinkPad T420s

posted by markg on - last edited - Viewed by 259 users
i just bought poker night at the inventory, and installed it on my ThinkPad T420s laptop.

this computer has both an intel video, as well as the NVIDIA® NVS 4200
Graphics with Optimus™ Technology.

it runs, but only windowed. when i try to run it full screen, it immediately crashes.

any thoughts? windowed is slow and clunky.

but team fortress II and killing floor work fine, so it isnt the video lacking.


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    DjNDB Moderator
    You could try what happens if you force the nvidia graphics to be used for the game, as described here.

    I can imagine that it first starts the game on intel graphics while being windowed, and then tries to switch to nvidia when you go full screen. That's just speculation, but i wouldn't be surprised if that caused some games to crash.
  • that was a great suggestion; i had done that for steam/tf2 but forgot to do it for this program.

    but it still crashes even with it forced.

    i even tried updating to the lastest nvidia drivers (which dont always work well on laptops)....same issue.

    it works fine on my desktop with nvidia 285gtx, so its definately the graphics on the laptop
  • update;

    i thought about what you said about starting on intel....

    even though i forced it to nvidia, i figured maybe there is just a split second it is trying to use the intel video, so i maxed out those settings. and it worked.

    i then backed off each setting until i found the issue.

    turned out i needed to set the intel driver to 32 colors; it was set to 16.
    not sure why this matters with it forced to the nvidia graphics, but....

    thanks for the help
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