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ideas to next csi game

posted by rudyst1 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users
i know there has been a similar thread to this and i no that hard evidence just came out and all, which is a great game of course, but im just posting this to get other peoples opinions about improvements that be needed and a very kickass title
not that hard evidence wasnt, it was
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  • i really like the idea of creating your own crimes. i also think that it would be good great to have more suspects to interogate.
    there was a episode of csi las vegas in which hodges designed a csi game i really enjoyed this episode and i think it is an idea would be possible to realise
  • The only thing I felt slightly disappointed by was the fact you find eveidence and you examine the evidence but you don't interpret the evidence. When you're done with an important piece of evidence that drives the story forward your partner will say "Aha! That implies such and such.". I'd like to see more interactivity there somehow.

    Perhaps you could make use of the case file, maybe you have some templates similar to the "evidence triangle" that you drag and drop evidence into to come up with different theories? Dunno, that might get tedious actually.

    Either way, if Telltale ends up making another CSI game I think you should experiment with adding a new game mechanic interpreting the evidence. If you come up with something that's fun and adds to the game that's great, if not well I still really enjoyed the last game :-)
  • Hmm...
    Never really thought about that but it would be very nice :)
  • nice idea neon! that would greatly improve the game. because sometimes it is a bit sterile i think
  • rudy, Gresman, there should be at least double the caseload, if not triple!
  • i think that would be sorta of overkill. a few cases more ok but 200% more is brutal. you have to think about the additional workload for the designers and so
  • Gresman,
    The total amount of cases per game at all times is 5 . I f you triple that you have fifteen . I doubt that would be brutal.
  • i asume that you dont want too much repetition in those cases character and enviromentlike
    that means that you have to create lets say 7 characters per case and ets say 3 enviroments
    thats quite some work to do
  • Poseidon;56344 said:
    The total amount of cases per game at all times is 5 . I f you triple that you have fifteen . I doubt that would be brutal.
    Besides tripling the workload you mean.
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    And the budget!
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