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Bosco's Pants!

posted by Amaterasu on - last edited - Viewed by 444 users
When I think about it, we always saw Bosco behind a counter.
What do you think he is wearing down there?! XD

1. Pants with "This is inconvenience" scribbled.
2. Green boxers with pink dots with little mafia teddy bears on them.
3. A censorship box made by "Bosco-Tech".
4. Bosco doesn't have any legs you fool! he got tentacles!!! >,<

got any more original ideas?
maybe they will take one of our ideas for the next game. XD

Well, we know what he was wearing 10 years ago:
But I don't think he's wearing these red pants INSIDE! These are pant just for the OUTSIDE, so T.H.E.M wont suspect...

I say Bosco have tentacles!!! With little hands!!! XD
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