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Not offended - Comic Generator Bug

posted by jmm on - last edited - Viewed by 623 users
Somehow clicking an option (play) for the flash player triggered the "You are offended" dialog.

I'm offended by the bug, not the comic!

Please remove that flag from the comic at

In other related problem, I don't see any text!
It only happens with IE7, tested with Netscape 8.1/9.0x/FF 2

Edit: After "rewinding", the text appears
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  • The comic generator is horribly broken at the moment. Don't be offended. :p
  • Strictly speaking, that happened because when you hit Play it advanced to the next frame of the movie, which is that dialogue. The script that flags things is an onclick event, though, so you didn't actually place a flag.
  • Yeah, ignore my "offended" flag as well (I actually clicked the exclamation point thinking is was separate from the "Offended" button). >_> This is why you read posts before blindly trying stuff on the internet, kids.
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