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  • Whatever you do, don't EVER watch "Versus". It's one of the worst movies I was ever forced to watch. In fact, it was the one time in my life when I wished my DVD player wasn't code-free.
    Well, if you're looking for a zombie movie, it's one of the worst, indeed.

    If you like Devil May Cry and are opened to crazy humor, it's actually pretty fun to watch.

    I guess you kinda have to like japanimation and jap videogames to enjoy it though.
  • harrisonpink;529768 said:
    The tag line is "Ein! Zwei! Die!" how can you not love this movie already!? haha :)
    lol best tagline ever. At only £3 it would be crime not to buy it.

    I also recommend this one.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    It should be "Eins! Zwei! Die!".
  • I watched Dead Snow tonight. It was "bloody" good fun. The subtitles didn't bother me at all and it was funny, especially in some of the later scenes.
  • I just ordered another zombie film. It is called "The Dead".

    It is a low budget zombie road movie set in Africa. It looks very promising.


    Has anybody seen it yet? It is fairly recent, being released this year.
  • I always got a kick out of watching the zombie half of Terentino's Grindhouse back-to-back with Zombie Strippers; hilarious fun time.

    Anyone else hate Zombieland? At least the parts Bill Murray wasn't in anyway.
  • Survival of the dead was 10x better than Diary of the dead. I mean, who on earth can like a film which looks like it's recorded on a crappy camera. I want to watch FILMS not home videos, although I must admit the end of Survival of the dead was a bit strange, so what if zombies could eat things other than humans, it doesn't mean they won't still eat you.
  • I really liked "Land Of The Dead". Also "Zombieland", "Planet Terror" and the "Dawn Of The Dead" remake.
  • I enjoyed zombieland but a sequel is looking to be highly unlikely now.


    Oh well an interesting concept but I dunno if zombieland would work as a tv series.
  • I'll throw in a few more odd ones, they're probably not what you're looking for but are quite good in their own right.

    Deadgirl; zombie girl chained up and two teenage boys, it turns out exactly how you're imagining it right this very instant.

    Fido; billy connolly as a domesticated zombie, 'nuff said.

    On a more 'standard zombie movie' recommendation that hasn't been made already i'd say the 'return of the living dead' series. I liked that it animates all dead flesh in those, the scenes with the medical dissections is hilariously morbid. the zombies are also more intelligent, too. it has it's ups and downs as a series but overall a fun zombie romp.
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