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[issue-53225] German Version of "Back to the future" on Disks

posted by Andres Nilsson on - last edited - Viewed by 357 users

i would like to purchase the game "Back to the future" (all episodes) in a german version (must be german!!!).
I am very interested to buy the german game on disks in a box (no download!).
How I must go on to get such a version of the game?

Please answer quickly!
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  • Andres,

    You can purchase the game on disc via the link below, and it does include a German language option.

  • Okay, can I also buy the Limited Edition of the game there? Has the Limited Edition german language and german speech too? Will there also be released a german version of the game with german text in the manual book and on the package box of the game?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    You can also buy the Limited Edition (if there are still copies available... after all, it's limited!) there.
    The Limited (Deluxe) Edition of the game and the Collector's Edition include the same disc. It's just the physical bonuses that come with it that make the Deluxe Edition what it is.
    As for an edition with German language on the box and in the manual, you will have to wait until a possible time when a German editor picks up the publishing rights for Germany, like Daedalic Entertainment did for Tales of Monkey Island.
  • It's so limited even the warehouse can't get them ;)
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