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Meet Rosette?

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Anyone else try chatting to this "Award Winning" chatbot?

Kinda funny, apparently it came in 1st place, you can read more about it in the blog. She says shes 27, and grew up in San Fransisco but she now jets all over the world. So I asked her if she knew where a few places were, Tokyo, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Philippines etc. She answered one correctly kinda by saying she loves eating in Japan??... then says something about travel is different for each person, then compared travel to WAR and then said shes against travel?? So then i remember her saying she jets all over the world, so I ask If you travel so often why are you against it? She replied by saying if I was a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN I would have no reason to ask that question... WHAT?!? Then continued on about how she wanted to buy a dress at which point I high tailed it out of there... I'm so confused, I honestly wish I had saved the convo. This thing won awards? It just yelled at me about being a devout christian. hahaha I dont know what to think, kinda like one of those "did that really just happen?" moments :D
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  • Tell me about it. I was talking with her just now today. She told me that George Lucas wasn't that good an actor.
  • I asked her if she had ADD.
    Reply: Sometimes. What about you?

    And she doesn't like my smileys! >.<
  • The Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence is a contest to determine the most human-like chatbot of the bunch. Judges speak to the chatbot and a human via computer and then surmise which one is which. The tech is not quite at human replicating levels but it's getting there.
  • I thought one bot just passed the Turing Test recently.
  • Yeah. Cleverbot. This has proved that our humans are getting dumber.

    I swear there are no chatbots that can seem human for more that a second.
  • Remolay;550313 said:
    Yeah. Cleverbot. This has proved that our humans are getting dumber.

    I swear there are no chatbots that can seem human for more that a second.

    This. hopefully the technology will improve to the point where the chatbots will be able to keep on a cerain topic without akwardly jumping to some other random one. Which I feel is one of it's major flaws at the moment.
  • Artificial intelligence is a tricky field. Rosette has her flaws, but so does every other chatbot.

    As for how some of them act...random, a lot of chatbots are supposed to be "learning chatbots." When they talk to humans, they memorize how humans react to what they say. Later, they'll copy those reactions if in a similar situation. Cleverbot's an example of a learning chatbot, as is Jabberwacky. The problem with learning chatbots is that...well, they're going to copy a bunch of strangers on the Internet. :p
  • "Rosette: Do you buy or download music off torrents?
    You: *looks around* Are you a cop?
    Rosette: I dress in comfortable jeans and t-shirt usually.
    You: So... yes?
    Rosette: Sure. What kind of books do you read?"

    I love chatbots.
  • I read the title as "Meat Roesanne", and thought this would be a thread about a statue of Roseanne Conner made from steaks and the like.
  • Rosette: Hi. How are you today?

    SWP: Terrible. The doctor said I'll die in 3 days.

    Rosette: Excellent.

    ...I think she likes me.
    Well let's check out the other fella.

    SWP: Hey.
    Cleverbot: Hey what?
    SWP: Hey you.
    Cleverbot: Yes me.
    SWP: The doctor said I'll die in three days.
    Cleverbot: *Waits*.

    I must be popular amongst chatbots o.O
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