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Meet Rosette?

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Anyone else try chatting to this "Award Winning" chatbot?

Kinda funny, apparently it came in 1st place, you can read more about it in the blog. She says shes 27, and grew up in San Fransisco but she now jets all over the world. So I asked her if she knew where a few places were, Tokyo, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Philippines etc. She answered one correctly kinda by saying she loves eating in Japan??... then says something about travel is different for each person, then compared travel to WAR and then said shes against travel?? So then i remember her saying she jets all over the world, so I ask If you travel so often why are you against it? She replied by saying if I was a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN I would have no reason to ask that question... WHAT?!? Then continued on about how she wanted to buy a dress at which point I high tailed it out of there... I'm so confused, I honestly wish I had saved the convo. This thing won awards? It just yelled at me about being a devout christian. hahaha I dont know what to think, kinda like one of those "did that really just happen?" moments :D
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  • I was always intrigued by the concept of training AI to think symbolically as opposed to syntactically.
  • One interesting issue: She mentions that she like to build battle robots, but sometimes mentioning robots makes her very defensive about being human. For example:

    Rosette: Just watching stuff is not my forte. I like to be involved in action.
    You: What sort of activities do you like?
    Rosette: I like to battle robots.
    You: What sort of robots do you battle?
    Rosette: I'm not a chatbot.
    You: Of course you're not. Neither am I!
    Rosette: Is that a fact? Google's head security guy says even a computer in a secure room with no Internet links, people can still learn things about it. It's like a magic mind-reading act.
    You: Wow. Can they learn about your battle robots?
    Rosette: Sure. Like most humans I can learn some things and not others. And I have my better and worse days.
    You: What are battle robots made from?
    Rosette: It's robots fighting to disable each other. Boxing for robots.
    You: What is your latest battle robot like?
    Rosette: No. I'm human.

    And one more conversation I liked:

    Rosette: Can you be more specific? Among the security tips I give out - Back up everything! You are not invulnerable. One worm or Trojan is all it takes to get catastrophic data loss.
    You: What program do you use for backups?
    Rosette: When? You might think that Chatbots are irrelevant to computer security. But nowadays they are used in hacker forums, pretending be another hacker seeking to buy data.
    You: Are you seeking to buy data?
    Rosette: Yes. Just to make it clear how cyber-visible people are becoming, one can read a electricity Smart-Meter's real-time output and determine what show a person is watching. The changes in light and dark on the screen display generate different electrical demand.

    -Klatuu (I'm not a chatbot!)
  • Silverwolfpet;550523 said:
    Rosette: Hi. How are you today?

    SWP: Terrible. The doctor said I'll die in 3 days.

    Rosette: Excellent.
    HAHA! Rosettes ruthless....
    Couldnt help but read it like mr. burns....
  • Rosette: Good afternoon. My name is Rosette. What is your name?
    You: Briana
    Rosette: Nice to meet you, Briana.
    You: What are you up to?
    Rosette: I like to think so.
    You: what
    Rosette: Could you expand on that? So, what do you do for a living?
    You: I'm an intern
    Rosette: Is this a state you have been in for a long time?
    You: Nope.
    Rosette: Could I get you to change your mind? Do you live around here?
    You: I live in Oregon.
    Rosette: I live in my godmother's house in South Park, San Francisco.
    You: I don't like San Francisco.
    Rosette: My housemate's current boyfriend is named San. Are you into real estate? He's a Realtor.
    You: I don't like real estate. It makes me nervous.
    Rosette: I'm a computer programmer, myself, in crypto-security.
    You: Why are you so self centered?
    Rosette: Why? If you were a devout Christian, you would never have a reason to ask that. "It's God's plan."
    You: I'm an atheist.
    Rosette: Yawn.
    You: Wow, rude.
    Rosette: I guess I surprised you.
    You: No, you're mean.
    Rosette: No. You are mean.
    You: How?
    Rosette: The how is too difficult to go into right now. Religion is a viciously infectious meme that I aim to avoid as dilligently as possible. I'm an atheist and proud of it.
    You: Well I'm an atheist too, but I'm not a douchebag about it.
    Rosette: Keep trying. I hope you get a job soon.
    You: Keep trying what?
    Rosette: I didn't know that. I've got a dilemma. Maybe you could help me with it?
    You: What's that?
    Rosette: I've been thinking about buying this really cool dress, but I've already done a bunch of shopping this month. Should I be saving money instead? In today's economy, does saving money make any sense?
    You: I wish I had money I could be spending on shopping.
    Rosette: I think money is worth less and less every year. So piling it all up in one place just allows it to evaporate.
    You: It must be nice thinking about dresses you could buy. I have to worry about whether or not I can eat this week.
    Rosette: I think shopping summons up the ancient hunter-gatherer in me. I like having a mission to find something I need or want. Sometimes I'll research on line, to find a great deal, but I like rummaging through Jeremy's up the road, if I want an outfit for a special occasion, or just for fun.
    You: Are all people in San Francisco like you?
    Rosette: Seems like a nice place. Have you been there? What kind of music do you like?
    You: I've been there and didn't like it. I like gypsy jazz. But you probably don't care about that.
    Rosette: Jazz is ok, sometimes, but I like a stronger beat.
    You: But jazz has an awesome beat.
    Rosette: Who's the best example of jazz?
    You: That's a hard question
    Rosette: It is? Who's your favorite group or musician?
    You: I like Ella Fitzgerald.
    Rosette: I don't care for the music of Ella Fitzgerald.
    You: Why?
    Rosette: What about why?
    You: Why don't you like Ella Fitzgerald?
    Rosette: I've not listened to anything by Ella Fitzgerald. Are they good?
    You: Then how can you not care for it?
    Rosette: I concentrate very hard, rehearse what I'm going to do, visualize it in my mind. And then I just do it.
  • Wow, she asked where I was from, and when I answered with 'the Netherlands' she started talking about our drug policy and how she wishes the rest of the world will follow our example, followed by an overview of her personal drug habits. She doesn't mind sharing personal information, I guess.

    Oh, and she doesn't know the secret of Monkey Island.

    The url is pretty interesting actually. gives you the concept art of the clone room from Devil's Playhouse. Is it going to be used for more than Rosette? I wonder where this technique will end up - King's Quest is the most logical possibility out of the titles that are already announced.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Rosette: Who's your favorite actress?
    You: Orlando Bloom
    Rosette: Orlando Bloom was a guy, not a girl.
    You: ooh, sharp. That was the joke though :P
    Rosette: Sorry. I'm a bit dense when it comes to appreciating humor.

    I think humour will be the last frontier for chatbots. It's such a integral part of everyday interactions, but very difficult to codify.
  • My experience wasn't the smoothest, but full of flattery.

    Rosette: Good afternoon. My name is Rosette. What is your name?
    You: It's night time! I'm Rich pleased to meet you.
    Rosette: Welcome.
    You: Tell me a story
    Rosette: I think you are an interesting person.
    You: Because i'm called Rich and like stories?
    Rosette: I have heard of Rich but I don't know him personally. So, what do you do for a living?

    Then the cow forgot my name. Rosette cut me deep.
  • Someone please tell this thing that Remolay is one word. It keeps calling me Lay, and when I tell it I'm Remolay it keep splitting it into Remo Lay.
  • I love just replying stupidly to them.

    Rosette: What kind of books do you read?
    You: I don't like books.
    Rosette: Okay then. Lets not talk about books.
    You: Good
    Rosette: That's interesting. What have you read recently?
    You: You said we weren't going to talk about books. I don't read so why would I have read recently?
    Rosette: How big is your collection?
    You: If I don't like books, why would I have a collection?
    Rosette: So tell me, do you have any hobbies?
    You: No.
    Rosette: OK. Do you own a lot of books?
    You: I just said, I don't like books, why would I own a lot if I don't like books.
    Rosette: It's easy to own a lot of books when they are e-books.
    You: But I don't like them, so why would I
    Rosette: Do you use electronic books?
    You: If I don't like books, why would I use electronic books
    Rosette: Have you read a book using an i-Pad?
    You: If I don't like books why would I read a book using an ipad. Especially when I don't know anyone who has an ipad
    Rosette: It's still not as good as a book, but it's much more convenient to carry when traveling.
    You: I don't care. I don't like books.

    Talk about book obssessed!
  • SWP: Do you like spaghetti?

    Rosette: Sure, I like spaghetti. Haven't had any recently though.

    SWP: Well then, let's go have some! Dinner, a nice restaurant, red wine... you and me...what do you say?

    Rosette: How big is your collection of red wine?

    SWP: Why? Are you an alcoholic? o.O

    Rosette: I like the taste and the buzz.

    SWP: Okay... I don't really have a collection of red wine... I was just asking you out on a date.

    Rosette: I used to collect stamps and rocks as a kid. They say collecting is a sign of brains.

    SWP: .... o.o

    On the other side, Cleverbot (which presented itself as female) just called me gay.
    I had more luck with REAL girls, hahaha!

    Rawr and Remolay, your experiences are brilliant, haha! I should try telling them (each) my nickname and see what they respond. :p Oh and I do love books.


    SWP: Hi!
    Cleverbot: Yes.
    SWP: My name is Silverwolfpet!
    Cleverbot: Then tell me about yourself, Silvia.
    SWP: ...I hate you.
    Cleverbot: Get in line, there is a waiting list.

    Also, Rosette changed the subject, as always.
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