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Give idea, get story (now with 20% more Haggis!) - Update: Hardback cover book

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Hi everyone, I know I haven't been here in, like, forever, but I've got something that may be of interest. Basically, you give me an idea (a subject, setting, a few lines), and I write a story for you!

If you want to get an idea of what I mean, you can find two sample stories (ideas courtesy of SilverWolfPet) here:

Enjoy, and feel free to ask for a story in this thread! :D
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  • loveheart;550226 said:
    I've really enjoyed reading these. Can I have a turn, Please?
    Yes, of course, everyone is welcome here! Just keep in mind it could take a bit until I get to your suggestion, since I'm doing them all in order. But I will write a story for every prompt submitted!
    Silverwolfpet;550250 said:
    ...I mean, I'm not scared of you, old man! are older than me, right?
    Yesh, now hand me my walking shtick, boy.

    Oh, and here's another story:

    It turned out to be rather disturbing, but that's mostly TomPravetz' fault for coming up with those weird concepts. :D
  • A story with all these elements:
    Pick 2 They Might Be Giants songs. Take 5 sentences from their lyrics (2 from one, 3 from the other), and work them in the story (but don't directly make a reference to it). They can be either part of the narration or a character's dialogue.

    Also, at least ONE reference to a Spielberg movie (but not a sci-fi one).
  • A bunch of video game characters playing Texas Hold 'Em in a secret underground club. Oh, wait.

    The landscape has changed. The year is 2200. Sea levels have risen. Computers got clever enough not just to become autonomous but also to drive humans almost to extinction (due to a complete collapse in the world economy and a coup for natural resources). Man is no longer the top of the food chain in the animal kingdom. Everything that was mechanised by the turn of the millennium is wired into the Hub. One man realises what he must do: finish off the remainder of the human race to cease their suffering.
  • I haven't suggested a story for a while, so here's a nice one:

    - Guitarists
    - Wager
    - Pie
  • Bloody hell, poor Haggis! You've got quite a backlog piled up there. How's about we say one story per person per week?
  • I didn't think he'd survive the initial onslaught of requests. :) Let him work at his own pace.
  • WarpSpeed;551840 said:
    I didn't think he'd survive the initial onslaught of requests. :) Let him work at his own pace.
    No, I mean we should lessen the bombardment.
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