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Who is your favorite guitarist

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  • of that list? Easily Lifeson.

    This has nothing to do with being canadian. Rush has great guitar work...and it's ONLY LIFESON live. I've seen them live and they're amazing. The album work doesn't do him justice. They've done all their big epics live and they sound amazing. Granted my stance might have changed if the incident with his wife and a set of stairs ended up differently :S but so far he has held up public face, skill and fan appreciation. Lifeson is fantastic and best of that list in my opinion.
  • Johro;552398 said:
    of that list? Easily Lifeson.
    I was just naming my favorites. You don't have to pick from that list. But Rush is the sh*t!
  • Whoever reads this, what are your top 5 AC/DC songs?
  • 1. Let there be Rock
    2. Rock 'n' Roll Train
    3. Back in Black
    4. Highway to Hell
    5. Crabsody in Blue

    EDIT: Though this is a very tough one, since there are so many good AC/DC songs

    For example:

    Dog eat Dog
    Hell Ain't a bad place to be
    Whole lotta rosie
    Hell's Bells
    Shoot to Thrill
    Let me put my love into you
    Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution
    Dirty Deeds done cheap
    Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll
    Skies on Fire
    War Machine

    I think the main problem with AC/DC to be honest, is that they have their own style, which is great, but most of the songs tend to get very samey.
    (So only the really distinct ones are the ones that people remember)
    Slayer have the same problem as well.
    (My opinion obviously)
  • There's only one AC/DC song worth hearing forever, and it's Thunderstruck. Because that's the one Shamu performs to.
  • Josh Homme,David Gilmour, Frank Zappa, Jimmi Hendrix,Carlos Santana. just to name a few.Really it depends on what kind of mood I'm in.
  • Mike Oldfield
    Stu G
    John Petrucci
    The Edge
    Lincoln Brewster

    Phil Keaggy is pretty amazing too.
  • How on EARTH could you guys not list Dimebag (Diamond) Darrell from Pantera?!
    o.m.g. that is like heresy... Even if you don't like the band, you must still be able to appreciate his technical expertise and empathetic bowel shaking riffs :D

    Eric Clapton comes to my AA meeting - sometimes he plays at Xmas, so I never goto the party, there's no booze so it kinda sucks.
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