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  • quarantine pens! left of velociraptor
  • Well, clicking on the gate does bring up the security access screen. :p

    Kinda saddened that there aren't more species listed and there's no mention of the raptors ever having more than just the single pen. However, I love that the Dilophosaurs are stated flat out to be juveniles! Too bad we won't see adults unless we have a season 2 where we go back to the island later.
  • Sixteen60;552614 said:
    The gate doesn't do anything - only the icons that glow when moused over generate a video or imagery.
    Well, it allows to enter the console, in particular after you unlocked the ingen icons.
  • So

    - motd : shows the starting message (it's Unix! I know this!)
    - system [anything] : system recompiling, how about a soda
    - access [anything]: permission denied, you didn't say the magic word!
    - please : well...

    And I don't think we are supposed to use the Help command...
  • well i guess that solves the mystery concerning dilophosaurs age and size :D
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    Sixteen60 Moderator
    Eduardo;552618 said:
    Well, it allows to enter the console, in particular after you unlocked the ingen icons.
    I really don't know what you mean. ;)
  • I would love some kind of tour video like this as part of the videos for the deluxe edition. ;)
  • I really like this... I love it when developers do things like this prior to release.

  • Darn I left the page and came back and now I can't access the console anymore.

    Some observations:
    • For the vehicle entry, I'm unsure was the term green widely used in that kind of context back in 1993?
    • Love that the Dilophosaurs are listed as juveniles
    • I think it was an odd choice of character model for the silhouette of the attack. I'd have probably gone with Harding for a more generic silhouette
    • It's great that the Herrerasaurus is included and I also liked all of the various Ingen facility listings
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