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Who is your favorite guitarist

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  • MusicallyInspired;552629 said:
    Mike Oldfield
    Stu G
    John Petrucci
    The Edge
    Lincoln Brewster

    Phil Keaggy is pretty amazing too.
    My goodness, I forgot Don Ross and Andrew Gorny!

    EDIT: And Eddie Van Halen.
  • RetroVortex;552574 said:

    Hell Ain't a bad place to be
    To Hell with that crap!
  • Steve Hackett (formerly of Genesis)

    For several reasons why, look up "Firth of Fifth," "Horizons," and "Every Day"
  • Well, it used to be Slash for a very long time. But then I started listening to progressive rock, and found that there were many guitarists out there who are equally as capable, and even more proficient than the man. So John Petrucci is now the one who I would rank at the top of my list of favourite guitarists, since he is seemingly able to do simply anything with the instrument.

    However, Slash will still always hold quite a special place in my heart (cliche, sorry), and his sound and style will always appeal to me in a way that no other guitarist can achieve, not even Mr. Petrucci.

    Actually, come to think of it, it really depends on what mood I'm in. If I'm feeling all pretentious and stuck up after extensive periods of prog-listening, then I'll rank Petrucci as my favourite guitarist, thanks to his technical prowess, speed, versatility, etc. But, if I'm in the mood for slightly more mindless hard rock, but with relatively thoughtful guitar solos shaped to fit each song perfectly, then I'll boost Slash back up to the top of that list.
    bobber56;552565 said:
    Whoever reads this, what are your top 5 AC/DC songs?
    "Black Ice"
    "You Shook Me All Night Long" (only because it's a classic which was also heard constantly throughout my childhood.)
    "Safe in New York City"
    "The Honey Roll"
    and probably "Evil Walks" as well; that's a pretty cool song.

    Yeah, I have quite a different opinion to most AC/DC fans when it comes to the band's material.
    bobber56;552823 said:
    To Hell with that crap!
    See, I wasn't a huge fan of that song either at first, but when I saw them live in 2009, that song was actually one of the most enjoyable of the whole set. I'm not sure why, but hearing that song live (more so than the other songs) really brought it to life for me, and now it just seems to make sense when I listen to it. So don't be so quick to judge it; it really is quite a good rock song.
  • Slash is the only guy I know that was so drunk that when he dropped a cigarette into his trousers he still finished out his solo. So he is king.
  • And I guess you've gotta give the guy props for actually being able to play the instrument so well with such vision obstruction. Honestly, how he was able to see through those locks at times is beyond me.
  • Come on guys! What about Van Halen?
  • All this Slash love, it angers the blood.

    At least folk are giving EVH props :)
  • GuruGuru214;552323 said:
    Off the top of my head, I'd have to say Angus Young and Jimmy Page.
    Jimmy Page sucks.
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